The worldwide pandemic Coronavirus has presented a situation that probably even the best of Geeks didn’t anticipate. What happens to IT Business Continuity In Times Of Corona? The time where the plans of disaster recovery sites and business continuity are rendered useless.

You can switch to alternative locations. But what about the global companies when the flights are grounded? Every ins and outs are under the country’s regulation.

The COVID-19 cases are rising at lightning speed across the globe, and the industries are struggling to ensure their continuity. Even the economy of the top countries like the USA and China have dropped drastically to 2.4%.

We should consider the array of COVID-19 outcomes and its impact on the employees, clientele, and overall business operations from the grid to the back-office.

  1. Outbreak generally lasts for 3 to 4 months: Severe pandemic generally takes up the duration of 3–4 months, where the entire global recovery takes the fourth quarter of more.
  2. 6–12 to regain control: In the case of the more extensive disruption period lasting for six months or more, it results in less growth in the impacted countries.
  3. Pandemics can extend more than twelve months: Virus spreads at a large-scale level where the anxiety heightens among the public. This slows the pace of market demand.

The software development companies while keeping these scenarios in the mind make their plans accordingly. The best can be done here is to devise a plan, and adapt their business operations to any uncertainty that occurs in the future.

Work from home has become an easy and quick option for all. Though, with that, some measures can be adapted to maintain the optimum level of efficiency in the entire workflow.

It’s high time to plan a business continuity; otherwise, we all know the extreme outcomes. We should strategize and probe for the ways to continue the business operations during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Do you know about business continuity planning?

A business continuity plan is a logistical plan for companies to do to restore interrupted business services due to crisis. Such a predicament can include natural disasters, epidemics, and more that disrupts entire business operations.

The plan and steps taken should address the practical considerations and be relevant to the business. It can contain the following categories:

  • Dislocate from the office plus significant physical assets
  • Information backup processes and procedures
  • System restoration processes and procedures
  • Continue customer service and customer communications
  • Record-keeping and supervisory obligations
  • The employee training process and procedure
  • Supply channel impacts
  • Emergency contact and communications mode
  • Risk and liability mitigation strategies

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Consider Organizational Matters

Prioritize and assess the different processes and tasks involved in the daily operations across the business. The non-business tasks should be postponed, and the business-crucial work reassigned to the personnel.

Likely, there will be a reduced efficiency due to the personnel matters like school closures of the children and sickness due to COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. It takes time to adapt to the remote working environment.



It’s a bit critical for software consulting companies to evaluate the entire operations. The tasks that have been postponed and considered non-crucial becomes eventually essential. Better try to complete all the tasks remotely till this pandemic and its risks exist. The critical task that requires onsite presence needs a different approach.

As evident with the WHO health guidelines, social distancing should be followed. By following the same, divide the team into the small group of 2–4 and work in shifts. It will add the physical distance between the members and avoid the cross-contamination of the appliances among them.

If possible, reduce the shift length, so that can workers can work non-stop with less break and minimal physical contact.

“Support the social distancing concept for your welfare and try to maintain the optimum level of efficiency from the remote working model. Better to prioritize the crucial tasks and manage the non-crucial as well accordingly.”

Develop A Technological Toolkit

Arm the employees with the appropriate technological toolkit to maintain productivity in a remote working model. Providing them with the laptop is simple, whereas utilizing the array of software and hardware options is a bit critical.

For instance, conduct a video conference program for the tasks that need everyone’s presence in the place of cellular conference calls. It will even allow the users to share their screens to conduct presentations for the boardroom meetings. The moderator function can also be included, like mute the participants and unmute in the case of questions plus discussions.

“The full suite of tech tools will stimulate the operations with fostered communication and coordination.”

Coordination and technology is the success mantra for today’s business. Powering the employees with advanced technological toolkit allows them to share the quick work status and collect the feedback without sending particular emails.

Effective Leadership

While confronting the global pandemic, it’s paramount for the companies to practice effective leadership. They should actively accompany their employees in the whole operations. Clear communication simplifies the process and administration should not stress in managing the whole.

The simple goal is to keep the employees informed with every development. While developing the communication plan, share both the long and short term perspectives. It instills a sense of security as well as structure.

“Developing a clear plus effective communication will create clear direction and procedures across the company.”

The company’s leadership acts as a first information source that later multiplies all efforts. For the optimum workflow and clear narrative, use the array of communication channels. It represents the information in a single voice with no misconceptions. Even the leadership at such a crisis should be positive to empower the positivity and strength to push the team forward.

Final Words

Businesses should be monitoring COVID-19 cases in real-time. I have tried to compile all the available resources to come with better solutions for all the industries across the globe, especially IT. Kindly stick to the govt — health advisory and work remotely with the highest productivity.

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