Joomailer: A New Tool to Enhance Site’s Functionality

Joomla is a well known content management system. One of the main features of Joomla is the flexibility it offers to websites. It is powerful CMS and comes with a lot of extensions. These extensions help to enhance the functionality even more. This is the reason why people going for CMS web development opt for Joomla CMS design. With Joomla, a website owner can easily manage and update the site without any technical knowledge or assistance. It has a large developer community that keeps coming up with various useful plug-ins.

Joomailer has been launched by MailChimp which is an email marketing solutions firm. This is a new integration for the popular Joomla. With the introduction of this new integration, Joomla users will be able to manage their MailChimp lists, create campaigns and manage reports all from the comfort of their Joomla dashboard. This is the first extensive integration with a CMS essentially replicating most of the MailChimp web-based features in a 3rd party site.

It is a well known fact that Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. It is used by 2.7% of all the websites today. One of the most amazing features of Joomla is that it is highly flexible and an open source digital publishing solution. It requires no advanced technical knowledge to implement or even to operate. What draws more users towards Joomla is that it is free to install. It can also be easily tweaked and made to suite the individual needs. This is done with the help of thousands of third party applications or via its developer-friendly framework. Joomailer, the fourth graduate of MailChimp’s Integration Fund was spearheaded by, with support from Standingcloud, Simplweb, Jomsocial, and Joomlashack University. You can also download the integration at The site also includes helpful tutorial videos.

There are many useful features offered by Joomailer. According to the company, it allows users to access an array of its tools and abilities within the Joomla interface. It also allows them to design or import their own templates, easily handle subscriptions and registrations across platforms, manage and import lists across platforms, re-appropriate site content for e-mail use, create and track campaigns, and then easily check MailChimp campaign reports.

Along with these features, Joomailer also has the company’s Analytics360 plug-in. This was originally developed for WordPress, which cleanly displays Google Analytics and MailChimp analysis within users’ Joomla! Install. This is not all. There is a lot more in store for users. Joomailer also offers a plethora of third-party integrations of its own, including SugarCRM, Highrise, K2, and Jomsocial. All these applications help to give users a variety of options for the enhancement and customization of Joomla and MailChimp e-mail marketing process.

It even works in a very simple manner. The first step is to import your Joomla site members to your MailChimp list. Next you need to check out the parameters you can set for Joomailer. These include Google Analytics, Klout, SugarCRM, highrise etc. the next step is to set up the subscription module. Just configure the subscription module to let your visitors subscribe to your newsletter from anywhere on your site. Then set up the registration page plug-in.

You can quickly create a draft with articles on K2 posts. It offers very simple and basic features to create a campaign process. Therefore, it can be said with certitude that Joomailer is going to simplify things for users.

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