List of Top 7 Blockchain Apps for Android Users in 2021

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According to a recent report, the global blockchain market is expected to generate a revenue of $20.0 billion by 2025. 

Entrepreneurs across the globe are digging the internet for amazing blockchain app ideas to completely enjoy the business benefits and boost their growth. In 2018, various businesses invested billions of dollars in blockchain-based web or mobile applications. 

Furthermore, in 2019, the majority of small businesses & enterprises have jointly spent 2.9 billion on the blockchain integrated apps, and this investment is expected to surge to 12.4% billion by 2022.

Due to the numerous benefits that blockchain technology offers to start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs, this technology is gaining maximum attention from people across the globe.

Thus, looking at these numbers & popularity, you must be wondering why this blockchain technology is so popular and what is inside it? 

Right? Great!

Let’s discuss some reasons that make blockchain a wise choice for mobile app development:

  • It includes features such as timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and consistency. 
  • It reduces transaction times and ensures greater transparency.
  • It is very safe and very less prone to any kind of theft or hacking. 
  • Users will have full control over their details and transactions. 
  • It doesn’t need any kind of third-party confirmation or approval. 
  • It is the most secure, reliable, and authentic technology.

Honestly, blockchain technology has massive potential, and it could be deployed in various industries where a large amount of data is required to be secured.

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To know about blockchain apps for android, scroll down!

List of Top 7 Blockchain Apps for Android Users in 2021


Price – Free

Download on Google Play Store – 

Whether it’s earning interest, trading, lending crypto, and checking payment status, provides the most established and broadly-used way to endow in cryptocurrency for millions of customers in around 200 countries. 

Features of

  • Easy & simple to use 
  • Request payments in cryptocurrencies easily
  • Supports more than eight languages

Advantages of

  • Seamless purchasing & selling bitcoin 
  • Real-time quotes & prices 
  • Availability of historical price charts 
  • Advanced two-factor authentication

2. Brave

Price – free 


Brave loads content speedily stops online surveillance activity and uses 35.0% less battery. It is one of the best cryptocurrency apps developed by blockchain app developers that is gearing up to completely transform the online advertising model from out-to-out by putting consumers in the driver’s seat.

It creates a new parameter of value in the world of advertisement where the consumer is king.

Features of bravo

  • Built-in Adblocker
  • Saves data & battery 
  • Invasive ad-free web browser

Advantages of bravo

  • Private browsing app 
  • Fast & secure web browser
  • Free tracking protection web browser 
  • Script blocker & 3rd party cooker blocker

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3. OpenChain

Price – Free

The OpenChain is a free and open-source distributed ledger technology. It is best suited for organizations who are wishing to manage and issue digital assets in a secure, robust, and scalable way. 

Features of OpenChain

  • Modular design 
  • Simple HTTP endpoint 
  • Personalized server instance

Advantages of OpenChain

  • Highly scalable 
  • Immutable & hierarchical 
  • Standalone & unified API
  • Decentralized & secured 

4. Civic

Price – Free 


Civic is the best bitcoin app for android that is rising as an identity card. Deploy Civic wallet to validate the identity for logins, purchases, and access to gated spaces or deploy it to send, store, and receive bitcoin.

Features of Civic

  • A reusable verified identity 
  • Identity -based private key management 
  • International data privacy

Advantages of Civic

  • Better flexibility  
  • Automatic enrollment 
  • Securely store digital currencies
  • Better peer-to-peer transfers

5. Coinigy

Price – Free


Coinigy is the best cryptocurrency app trading & portfolio and comprehensive bitcoin management tools available on the internet. With real-time market data and extensive charting tools, no other blockchain app can meet Coinigy in its detail, scope, and performance.

Features of Coinigy

  • Exchange API accounts
  • Trade directly via a single app
  • Live streaming order book data & price.

Advantages of Coinigy

  • Customizable interface 
  • Curated cryptocurrency news alert 
  • Seamless integration data 
  • Access a huge in-browser library

6. BitExchange 

Price –  Free


BitExchange is one of the best bitcoin apps for android that offer ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software to begin a Bitcoin exchange instantly. You can boost your business with high performance and growth to new heights.

Features of BitExchange

  • Liquidity management 
  • Atomic swaps 
  • P2P exchange option

Advantages of BitExchange

  • Facilitate easy trading 
  • Most secure cryptocurrency trading script 
  • Sophisticated API layer to smoothly add new ALT-COINS 
  • Secured & modular design

7. Steem

Price – Free & $149 for regular license 


Steem is the best bitcoin app and standalone native app to communicate with STEEM blockchain. It is a social blockchain app that boosts communities and builds immediate revenue for businesses.

 Features of Steem

  • Fast & secured transactions 
  • Handle social apps at scale 
  • Enables free transactions

Advantages of Steem

  • Revolutionize web apps
  • Decentralized ledger system 
  • Widely accepted by 
  • High-performing apps 
  • Processes more number of transactions 

7 Most Important Tips to Build Blockchain Android Apps

  1. Keep the user-interface spotless.
  2. Understand the business idea properly 
  3. Choose the blockchain type wisely. 
  4. Build a proof-of-concept 
  5. Determine the correct blockchain protocol 
  6. Analyze the design architecture details 
  7. Proper attention to the consensus mechanism 


Thus, we have tried to shortlist the top 7 blockchain apps for android that will help businesses in attaining huge attention and growth across the globe. There are various blockchain app development companies in India, including ValueCoders that provide top-notch services to start-ups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs at affordable prices.

So, do not wait for more to hire a blockchain app development company and build your personalized blockchain app for android now!


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