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A logo is a small graphic, image or text that represents your company. It is like a face of the company to the whole world. From marketing point of view, it is advisable to have a logo because it helps in creating a mark in peoples mind. Thus it helps the company to walk along its potential customer every time.

A quick example of the need of the logo would be, quick recognition of Adobe with its logo, alphabetical A, colored in red. This is the case of text logo. Another example will be text image of Microsoft, Sony, dell etc. We recognize the company of the products by merely seeing their logo on it. The use of logo in some way helps the customer to decide in their buying decision.

Design it to stay

Logo designing is a tough task for a web designing company because the trends change quite often. One needs to do proper research about the kind of company and its targeted market. An extensive research on the matter may include the choice of color to be used in the logo design and the typography of the logo. The decision of making a logo, a text one or image oriented is also very important.

Logo of a company cannot be changed frequently. This makes the designing process little more difficult. So if you are designing a logo, design it to stay for long.

Identifiable Universally

The logo design of a company is its asset, so it must be unique and accepted worldwide. Logo of the company comes under its intellectual property and should be designed without any resemblance with any other thing.

Logos are the identifiers of the company. Once it gets popular globally, people start recalling the company by its logo only. So, it must be kept in mind that whether online or offline, the appearance of the logo should be same.

Logo| Person

A logo is the face of the company and not of a person. Why to mix it when a human has got his/her own face? People using their company’s logo under their name or vice-versa should not be acceptable at all. This is the reason why ‘avatars’ have been introduced, to maintain the difference. The example of this can be widely seen in the social media networks, where companies try to use it for their marketing or advertising purpose.

A single wrong word from your mouth in the social media can tarnish the image of the company. So it is advisable to use your own picture in your profile rather than using company’s logo. You are good enough to look at, aren’t you?

Prominence of logo

The logo of the company must be placed very wisely. They must be used at all prominent places. On every banner advertisement, on your invoices (if your company generates any), on your home page, near the name of your company title and where ever you find it suitable to use. A logo is very helpful in viral marketing of the company, as it travels with its prospects every time.

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