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10 Effective Ways to Launch Mobile App

10 Effective Ways to Launch Mobile App
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You might spend hundreds and thousands of dollars creating your mobile app, but if you don’t follow the right methods to launch the app, you would surely be missing out. It’s pretty much like creating a website and expecting it to beat top most sites– you really need a good marketing strategy!

Around 700 mobile apps are launched every day. Some of these apps go on to become giants while others die a stagnant death. According to a research in 2014, a general person spends 86% of his smart-phone use time operating apps. People are moving from Internet browsers to clear cut purpose apps to access information and entertainment options.

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Launching an mobile application may sound the perfect way to becoming rich. But just putting your app in a store does not bring success. You need to carry out a strategic pre-launch program to guarantee maximum download of your app. This involves running publicity campaigns and taking steps that bring your app into the limelight. Many entrepreneurs hire an end-to-end mobile apps  company to carry out the task. But, we will guide you through 10 critical steps that you can perform yourself for a successful launch of your mobile app.

10 Effective Ways of Mobile App Launching

1. Make a landing page for your mobile app

Many websites place a banner on their website which redirects a user to the app version. You should create a dedicated website where you can list out all the features of your app without the restriction of word limits. You can post guides and tutorials regarding your app which first-time down-loaders may find useful. You should combine this with social media marketing which is discussed in the next step.

2. Use Power of Social Media Marketing

You can use the power of social media to generate actively interest in your mobile app. A Facebook page can be used to publish on process development of the mobile app and generate feedback from future users. A Twitter account is also a great way to announce developments. You can link the Twitter bio to the app store once it is launched to generate downloads. Social media sites like Pinterest can be a great place to get suggestions on your app from fellow developers.

3. Concentrate on Creating Search Engine Optimized Content

Along with your website and social media strategies, you should concentrate on creating SEO optimized content on your app. This can be in the form of blog posts, articles, press releases, website and email marketing copies. You can keep it ready and make it available on the day of the launch.

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4. Make an Elaborative Demo Video

Audiovisual is the most expressive and effective method to showcase your app’s interface and functionalities. You can use simple user-friendly programs to capture screenshots and record voiceover. Make a video that details how your app works along with its features. The success of your app will depend on your communication in the video. Be sure to point out its USP defining the value of your app.

5. Pitch your mobile App on different Forums

Send links to free downloads of your app to techies, developers, bloggers and tech journalists. Keep the demo video handy and prepare yourself to face their questions. Do this in advance so that they get adequate time to test the app and write about it.

6. Pair up with other mobile app Developers

You can network with a successful App development company to market your app. They can feature your app in their own product to Increased install rates. You can set up a mutually advantageous marketing strategy by pairing up with similar apps with good ratings.

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7. Single launching Platform

It is a good idea to choose a single app store to launch your app. This will assist you to get high ratings and significant concentration of users. It will also be easy to track the updates that you will be making to bring improvements in your app.

8. Put your app on beta launch Websites

There are many websites that list upcoming apps. Before making your app available to the public, make an invite-only beta launch. Websites like Spotify and Pinterest used this technique to generate buzz and collect feedback from a trusted network of users.

9. Spread the download links

This step comes when you are ready to launch your app. Put the download link on your website, blog, social media pages and marketing emails. You should also provide the link to everyone you know. Anyone can turn out to be a prospective downloader.

10. You may think of Paid Advertising

If your app is successful, paid advertising can help to sustain and prolong the existing user and press attention. The advertisement campaigns should follow the launch within a few days to reap maximum benefit.

If you want to make your mobile app successful and don’t have enough time for all above mentioned activities, you should contact best mobile app developers. These companies provide end-to-end mobile app development services from app designing, development to deployment.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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