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Advantages of an Enterprise App Store that You Can Never Ignore

Advantages of an Enterprise App Store that You Can Never Ignore
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The enterprise app store is emerging greatly and the businesses of the modern era should prepare themselves to take advantage of this new phenomenon. With view of the increasing number of mobile apps available on different app stores, enterprises need to focus more on several important aspects, like data security, choice of the platform, compatibility between the device and the platform etc. For many businesses, these are important reasons why they are choosing an enterprise app store to safeguard their data and achieve better results.

An enterprise store can have several types of advantages for an organization or a company. Here are some of the common benefits of a customized enterprise app store that a business cannot ignore today:

1. A company can ensure that all apps available on the enterprise store are free from bugs and other types of security threats. Thus, employees can download the apps without any hesitation and can carry out their tasks.

2. The IT department of the company can make sure that only quality and useful apps are available for downloading from the app store, so that employees can carry out their important tasks.

3. A company can prepare a corporate security policy and can make sure that the enterprise app store will allow employees to download those apps that are compliant with the underlying policy. This eliminates the security related vulnerabilities.

4. A business can define a user group with the rights of downloading certain apps from an enterprise app store. Thus, an employee can get only the right set of applications that is appropriate for him/her.

5. An enterprise app store can provide complete details about the employees who have accessed which apps and when. Thus, it enables a kind of monitoring and makes sure that an employee can download the right kind of application from the store.

6. In several enterprise app stores, one can get to learn about verified apps that are available in public app stores. This makes a verified app more visible and one can download such an app from a public app store too.

7. In general, an enterprise app store maintains a rating system that can help identify quality apps. With the help of user feedback, an app can be assessed for its usefulness that is available on the app store.

In fact, the importance of an enterprise mobile app store will become even more inevitable in the future. More and more mobile applications are being introduced on a regular basis, and a number of feature-rich devices are also entering the marketplace. In such a scenario, a business will have to rely more on a customized enterprise app store that will allow choosing quality, effective and secure apps for an organization’s eco-system.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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