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Important Tips on Mobile Application Development

Important Tips on Mobile Application Development Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you a business looking for mobile app development services? Then, this blog can give you an idea to what look for while going for app development services. The present day generation of users are smitten by the arrival of highly sophisticated mobile technologies. Smart phones, hand held, iPhones, tabs are the norm these days and these have brought the users even more closer to technology. If you are business- who want to have its own app- we provide you with 6 useful tips to come up with unrivaled mobile apps.
First of all have a look at some latest trends of Android & iOS mobile app development:

Get into the psyche and skin of your end users –

A successful app is what is preferred by the end users and has an attribute of value addition in the lives of the users. Thus before you begin with the entire process of developing a mobile app, try to get into the skin and psyche of the users. There are different factors that work for different users. Some may look for simplicity of the app and some find bliss only if the app appeals to their own technical expertise. Thus before getting started with the development of the app make sure you understand the mindset of your users. Define the target audience, and develop the app that they would find the most efficient and resourceful.


Concentrate your efforts in providing them an experience –

Why most of the apps fail to make an impact on the users is because they only focus upon the functionality and not give the end users an experience that they would cherish. Experience has come to be the most intriguing factor these days that defines the success or failure of an application.

And now if you have been wondering how to provide the users with an experience that they will never forget, it can be anything. Starting from a unique concept to perhaps  giving a unique, extraordinary treatment to a concept. You can also consider having a unique presentation style, highly utilitarian app which requires minimum inputs from the users etc.

Study your audience, understand their perception, thinking, expectations and value system and then develop the app which provides them with the experience that they have been looking forward to.

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Security of your application is a must –

Security must be the core attribute of the mobile application which is being developed. Any glitches in the security department of the mobile application only shows the lack of sincerity and effort being put in the entire application development process.

Thus before releasing the app, at the development stage itself, try and enumerate all the security concerns that your app might face. The three main facets of the mobile application development, which you just have to make sure are perfectly secure are – work flow, data and functionality. Any technical fall out at any of these three levels can prove to be really devastating for the application and also for your entire reputation and good will as a working professional or an organisation.

Don’t load the application with lot of features –

It might be tempting for the application developers to use all of the latest features and attributes in the application but it might become the app killer. Do not get carried away and use all the latest features in the application to build a highly feature rich and modernised app. You will only lose the comprehensibility and usability of the app and that too for features that were not even necessary in the first place. Instead of blotting your app up with various features, just stick to the basic requirements of your clients or the audience.

The app should cater to both the clients and the end users –

This is the nightmare in the life of any mobile app developer. At times the interests of the clients and the users are in for a conflict and the app developers are haunted by the dilemma of that they should develop the app for the clients or the end users.

There may be a case where clients may wish to have the most competitive features in the application and load it with the features. But this may not have a good result on the end users. The app user is only looking for a good experience and will not pay any heed to the OS limitations or the implications that the business may have to face.

This is where you will put your skill and experience to good use. If you find that the business aspirations behind the app will destroy its usability, get into a dialogue with the client. There might be times when you may have to educate the client about the usability limitations of the features they are demanding.

Test the application, and test it again –

Before releasing the app, you have to ensure its functional attributes are up to the best levels. Perform the uses acceptance tests (UAT) on the app. Before you reach to acceptance testing of the app, make sure it is fully functional, can respond to varying size of the different mobile screens. Also ensure the coding is perfect, there are no any obsolete or broken codes.

Wrapping Up:

I hope you like the blog. If you have any suggestion feel free to contact PixelCrayons: a leading offshore mobile app development company providing Android application development services and iOS application development services. You can look our portfolio over here.




Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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