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iOS 11 vs Android Oreo: What is different and What is Same?

iOS 11 vs Android Oreo: What is different and What is Same?
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iOS 11 and Android Oreo has been released to the public. Both Apple and Google have made their latest versions of the mobile operating system to the users. Google Oreo update was available to users in the month of August and iOS 11 update was released for users this month. Moreover, there are many new features available in both the new operating systems. Some of the features are for memory management, speeding up mobile phones, extending battery life and in some ways changing the way users interact with their phones.

We have also done a comparison study of the previous version of Android Nougat vs Marshmallow vs LollipopThere are a lot of features which are inspired from each other. Some new features in iOS 11 are inspired from Android. While some of the features in Android Oreo are inspired from iOS. We have also done a previous version comparison of iOS 10 Vs Android N and what is best iOS vs Android For Business?

In this post, we will discuss what is different and what is same in iOS 11 vs Android Oreo.

  • 1. Notifications

android and ios notification

Both iOS 11 and Android Oreo are getting new updates to notifications. In Android Oreo, Google is adding many new ways to interact and customize notifications. They have borrowed a feature from iOS notifications indicator on the app icon and long press gesture similar to 3D touch in iOS. Apart from that, there are a new notifications channels, which allows to control the same type of notifications together at one time and changing custom background colors for various notifications.

Apple has also made changes in their notifications. They have now removed the old Notification Centre completely.  Instead, user swipe down from the top of the screen, it brings up the lock screen to view the push notifications.

  • 2. Autofill


Android Oreo brings the ability for apps to autofill information of users like username, password, and email address. Moreover, with the help of this API’s Android developer can integrate it into their apps which will make them more seamless.

iOS had this feature before, but it is restricted fewer apps like Amazon and only works on Safari only while surfing the web. Moreover, ios application development services has an iCloud Keychain which stores all the information and passwords to be accessed by users.

  • 3. Productivity and Multitasking

Android-O Multitasking

In iOS 11, Apple gave iPad the main priority. With features like app-switching, split view and moving between Mobile Apps have become a lot easier. Plus, it comes with a new doc similar to the Mac OS.

However, there is nothing new in iPhone related to product features. There is a new Files app, new improvements in stock apps like Mail and Notes. But the true multitasking is on the iPad with iOS 11.

In Android Oreo, there is nothing new when it comes to productivity and multitasking. They a split-screen multitasking feature in last year’s Android Nougat update. 

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  • 4. Support for Picture-in-Picture

picture in picture

Apple added the Picture-in-Picture support to the iPad in iOS 9 and this feature is available in Android Oreo too. Now all the android phones can get App support for Picture-in-picture support.

Picture-in-Picture allows users to minimize the video and let it float while performing other tasks. Moreover, it can be moved anywhere on the screen.

The Picture-in-Picture support in iOS is limited to iPad only. However, we can see this implementation in the future iOS updates.

  • 5. Memory Management


In iOS 11 Apple provided memory management features like new image and video file formats like HEIF (High-Efficiency File Format) and HEVF(High-Efficiency Video Format), offloading apps and storing photos in the cloud. If the users are going to be short on storage iOS 11 automatically will offload the apps which users don’t use that much. Also, users can now store Messages in iCloud.

There is no such update in Android Oreo when it comes to memory management. But we can expect such features in the upcoming Android versions.

  • 6. New Emojis

android oreo 8.0 vs ios 11 emoji

Both Android Oreo and iOS 11 Apps are getting new emojis. The Android Oreo is coming with 56 brand new emojis.

Google is now working on to fix emojis issues, so the users don’t have to worry about sending emojis in text messages who are running an older version of Android operating system.

Apple also confirmed that new updates will be coming to emojis later this year. As they are going to adopt a new Unicode 10.0 standard.

  • 7. New Smarter Copy and Paste

Android-8.0-Oreo-vs-Apple-iOS-11 copy paste

Android was the first one to support copy and paste functionality. However, the new copy and paste feature look similar to the iOS implementation of the user interaction. With Android Oreo, makes it easier for users to copy the text and perform the action.

It is called as Smart Text Selection, when a user highlights, like an address or any link to map. It will be shown automatically on standard cut, copy, and paste action. If the text is a phone number then it will show up the Mobile App.

Apple was the first one to implement user interactions but Google has taken it to another level. Because of their smarter AI for smarter identification.

Wrapping Up

There are many major differences between two updates in a lot of ways. However, the two updates can be fairly matched. There is some new feature in iOS 11 like new customisation Control Centre and a new design for Apple stock apps. Whereas in Android Oreo the new features are smart copy and paste, Long Press actions and much more. Therefore, updates are available to download for users and are available on the selected devices only. 

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