Hosted CMS Vs Open Source CMS

The introduction of content management system has revolutionized the way websites were developed and maintained. Unlike the HTML based static website, a CMS based website is quite dynamic and can be easily updated. CMS website development provides full control to the users and lets them to make the desired changes as and when required. When it comes to custom CMS development, there are two types of solutions available- hosted CMS solutions and Open source CMS solutions. Let us have a detailed analysis of both these solutions.

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Characteristics of a Good Domain Name

If we talk about Internet, domain names are like the real estate of the internet. A domain name is like a backbone of a website. Hence, the better the domain name, the more good will a business web design do. It determines the success of a site. However, the question that troubles many is- How to identify a good domain name? In order to help you out, discussed below are some of the characteristics of a good domain name.
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How CMS Can Help to Eliminate Some Common Website Problems?

In today’s time, technology has made inroads in almost every aspect of our lives. Content management system is a well known technology that helps to develop user friendly, dynamic, and professional websites. In order to survive today’s hyper competitive market, it is necessary to have an advanced and feature rich website. With the help of a powerful CMS development, you can easily eliminate some common website problems.

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How to Find Out the Success Rate of PSD to HTML Conversion?

It is a fact well known that PSD to HTML/XHTML or PSD to CSS conversion is the most crucial aspect of a website development project. Without converting design to HTML, a website cannot be launched in a browser. This is because the PSD design is incomplete and not compatible with web browsers. It is only after converting PSD to HTML that a site becomes web compatible. This conversion also determines the performance and functionality of a website. However, the conversion provides good results only when it is done properly.

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Magento’s Scalability and Performance: An Analysis

Magento, a highly flexible ecommerce web development application and is preferred by a majority of ecommerce website owners as well as developers. The reason is that it is an open source e-commerce solution that offers a variety of benefits and a lot of flexibility to an ecommerce web design. Magento helps to develop an effective e-commerce store that is well suited to the requirements of a business and thus helps to generate maximum ROI. Scalability and performance are two of the most important factors of any web application. Although Magento has a lot of wonderful features to offer, but the question is- can it scale up to many thousands of orders per day or huge catalogs? Discussed below in detail is the scalability and performance of Magento.
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Joomailer: A New Tool to Enhance Site’s Functionality

Joomla is a well known content management system. One of the main features of Joomla is the flexibility it offers to websites. It is powerful CMS and comes with a lot of extensions. These extensions help to enhance the functionality even more. This is the reason why people going for CMS web development opt for Joomla CMS design. With Joomla, a website owner can easily manage and update the site without any technical knowledge or assistance. It has a large developer community that keeps coming up with various useful plug-ins.

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HTML5 Semantics

Despite the fact that many new technologies have evolved, the importance of HTML has not diminished. In fact, it is going to be around for a long period of time.W3C launched HTML5 to shape the next generation of HTML. It cannot be denied that the semantics of HTML are important for its future. With time, developers have run out of HTML elements and attributes with which to mark up more richly semantic documents. As a semantic markup language, HTML has some fundamental defects- its semantics are fixed, not extensible. Even PSD to HTML conversion will be affected with the emergence of HTML5, as many people would like to convert PSD to HTML5 instead of plain html.
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All You Wanted to know About E-commerce Shopping Carts

In today’s technology dominated world, Internet has made a huge impact on our lives. It has provided a lot of convenience when it comes to looking for just anything from some information to an outfit. Ecommerce website development is ruling the roost these days. Business owners have realized that with the help of ecommerce web development, they can provide a big boost to their business.
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All About an E-commerce Web Design

An e-commerce website is designed with the aim of catering to the international customers and thus generating the maximum ROI. Therefore, it is imperative to design it according to the type of target audience it will cater to. When it comes to ecommerce website development, a designer has to take into consideration the various online selling principles. Read further and you will find out about some of the major design aspects that a quality ecommerce web design should have.
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Why Website Design has Become the Need of Developing Businesses

There is a vast outburst in the number of websites on the World Wide Web. This is because a website provides businesses with just the right platform to showcase their products and services to customers across the world. A custom web design plays a very crucial role and has become the need of all developing businesses. A business web design helps a site to achieve all the perfect results in terms of traffic, search engine ranking and ROI. It boosts a website’s chances of making more sales.
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