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Top 8 Code Validation and SEO Tools

To convert PSD to HTML is an important part of web development. Before understanding the code validation tools,it is very important to understand why PSD files are converted into web language files like XHTML. Basically PSD files are photo shop document saved in PSD format. So, using PSD format for any particular website is definitely not an east .That is why,it is converted into web language like XHTML. Now when this conversion take place then coding is done in that converted file.Read More »Top 8 Code Validation and SEO Tools

A Beginner’s Guide to Payment Systems For E-Commerce

Online Business has become rifer and has given a good exposure to plastic money. E-commerce has changed the trend and prospectus of business; it facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. E-commerce online payment system is being widely used with the increase in the use of Internet-based shopping and banking. In the early years, Business to Customer transactions were not so easy because people were afraid to use their credit and debit cards over the Internet because of the perceived risk of fraud but in a recent research shows that most of people prefer online shopping through their credit or debit cards.Read More »A Beginner’s Guide to Payment Systems For E-Commerce

Joomla 1.6 Beta 12 – Latest Buzz! in Joomla Project

Joomla! is a powerful platform to build amazing websites and other online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. It has accelerated the pace of CMS web design acceptance and hence, the requirements.  The biggest advantage of using it is that it is an open source solution and that too free available to everyone.Read More »Joomla 1.6 Beta 12 – Latest Buzz! in Joomla Project