Why to Outsource PSD to HTML Conversion Services?

If one has designed a good website with striking layout, he starts thinking that if he has won the battle of web designing. But we cannot deny the fact that it is of no use unless or until it is visited by people and the website becomes an asset for the company, which ultimately become revenue generating medium for your company. The success of the website does not depend on one factor, but it is an end result of the combination of factors. Read More »Why to Outsource PSD to HTML Conversion Services?

5 Points to Help Your E-commerce Website Design

While statistics showing increase in online shopping trend amongst people across globe, online shopkeepers have become more sensitive and have started taking care of their e-commerce website design and solutions, which does not only confirm better involvement of the visitor but also increases its probability of converting into a customer from merely being a prospect alone.

Wherein, on one side the numbers of online shoppers are increasing YoY, there is one more figure which is quite rattling and that is, shopping cart abandonment rate. Only last week, it was above 70%, shown by FireClick- a web analytic company, and this figure is surely a not a delight.Read More »5 Points to Help Your E-commerce Website Design

An Overview On What A CMS Can Do

Generally speaking, what does a content management system do? Be it in any shape, size, scope— the basic idea is the same. It allows the website owners ranging from the individual web bloggers, small business owners to corporates, to be able to update new content, and edit/delete the old one without being a tech-savvy, sparing from the horror and huge investments in hiring a web designer.Read More »An Overview On What A CMS Can Do

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How Commercial, Customized and Open Source CMS are different?

Content Management is considered to be a revolution in the world of web design and development industry. It has proved to be a boon for non-geeks. It has broaden the scope of having control over the customization of the design and content for their websites/blogs. It has reduced the dependency on the designers and developers for minor updates. Leaving a website untouched after making it, is of no use. Website maintenance is very important and a critical factor in the success of any website. Read More »How Commercial, Customized and Open Source CMS are different?

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Drupal 6.17 Now Available

Technology is just a quest for one more improvement.  Drupal has become one of the most widely used and accepted CMS Solutions, thereby increasing the number of Drupal solutions Provider. Drupal community is making advancements in this technology very rapidly. The Esteemed Drupal Community is proud to announce the release of  Drupal 6.17.  Drupal 6.17, a maintenance release fixing issues reported through the bug tracking system, is now available for download.Read More »Drupal 6.17 Now Available

Features of Magento Mobile

The Magento team is proud to announce the Magento Mobile with which you can easily create branded and native storefront applications that are deeply integrated with Magento’s market-leading e-commerce platform.

MMA (The Mobile Marketing Association) defines Mobile Commerce as:

“Mobile Commerce is the one-or-two-way exchange of value facilitated by a mobile consumer electronic device (e.g., mobile handset), which is enabled by wireless technologies and communication networks.”Read More »Features of Magento Mobile