Browser Test – Can’t Escape It

As the complexities in the cyberworld are increasing day by day, the web standards are becoming more stringent. On top of that, the emergence of new browsers has made it extremely essential to judge the suitability of each project in order to avoid errors.  Hence, there are various browser tests which certify the browser compatibility with XHTML and CSS code. The browser compatibility test enables the website owner to validate the appearance of his/her website or blog on different browser and computers enabled with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.Read More »Browser Test – Can’t Escape It

TIDYcars did it unTIDY way

No… No… No… or should I grin a bit and say HaaH?

Tidycars were not supposed to do this again. They have again uploaded the same copied website design which they had stolen from our website We had discussed it in our previous blog. Earlier we were assuming that some web designer has crooked them. As for the past few months their website was also down which made us think that they might be coming up with some new design. But their recent action has proved all our assumptions wrong.Read More »TIDYcars did it unTIDY way

FrontEnd Development Services

Converting a PSD to HTML/XHTML or a valid CSS markup is no longer a problem. No! I am not asking you to outsource your services to a Frontend Development Company without making a last self-attempt, but what if you still find yourself in a need to outsource?

What are you waiting for mate? Just go ahead and find some one who fits in your expectations for your services and gets your work done. Or else there is a way out for your problem- If your problem is pertaining to deficiency of coding knowledge; there are many tutorials which are ready to dispense the knowledge to you.Read More »FrontEnd Development Services

XHTML Compliance Website for Visually Disabled

Note: The Visually Disabled here refers to people with weak eyesight, or any kind of visual ailment.

One might usually ask, “Why XHTML?” “Is it really necessary?”, and we can list various reasons of its prominent standing in the web designing world. Few of them are search engine friendliness, speed optimization, coding standards and better visibility. So it becomes a practice that cannot be ignored in today’s pixel-perfect web designing world. But, seldom do we consider it “a rule”.Read More »XHTML Compliance Website for Visually Disabled

Web on the Cell and Importance of XHTML

Cellphones are the new face of the web. Getting the Internet into cell phones proved a smart idea and today the number of users that browse websites on phones has risen considerably. Thanks to technology that now we can access the net with that little thing on our palms. The prime reason for the Internet over Cellphone popularity is the wireless mobility that it offers. All we need is an Internet connection (offered by both service provider and cell phone manufacturer) and the World Wide Web is in our hands.Read More »Web on the Cell and Importance of XHTML

Logo: How important it is?

A logo is a small graphic, image or text that represents your company. It is like a face of the company to the whole world. From marketing point of view, it is advisable to have a logo because it helps in creating a mark in peoples mind. Thus it helps the company to walk along its potential customer every time.

A quick example of the need of the logo would be, quick recognition of Adobe with its logo, alphabetical A, colored in red. This is the case of text logo. Another example will be text image of Microsoft, Sony, dell etc. We recognize the company of the products by merely seeing their logo on it. The use of logo in some way helps the customer to decide in their buying decision.Read More »Logo: How important it is?

The First Change By Obama

Charity Change begins at home’. I see it the most suitable proverb for the moment as Obama’s administration has started to work on their slogan. This is one of the first changes that the President of United States has made after taking over the Bush government.

It seems like the importance of a website in reaching out to the millions of people and establishing a brand image has been acknowledged by the president of the United States too. This can be a reason among others, if there are any, that why Barrack Obama, as the 44th president of USA, has decided to change his website.Read More »The First Change By Obama

Worst Designs Are Big Help

Gone are the days when people used to stress more on the theoretical knowledge of any subject. These days, practical explanations and experiments are taking the ground. The rational difference between the two is the experience. In the former one, one deals with the situations in the real time rather than just listening to the lectures or mugging up the key notes, as this is the case in the latter one.

I was just thinking that how many articles/ blogs or tutorials we all have written about making a good web design but still there are people who are still overlooking the basic things. If a person of some other trade also reads a dozen of these articles/blogs will get the basic knowledge about, ‘How to make a web design usable and good to look at’. A learning web designer can also write about the basic needs that should be included in making a web design user friendly.Read More »Worst Designs Are Big Help

Design to Market

Web designers and their creativity have evolved a long mile now. Tracking down the past we see that many new changes and discoveries have been made in the world of designing. We see many designers experimenting with colors, fonts, backgrounds, images and hence coming up with new presentational skills of their design. Today while designing any design the designers not only think about making it jazzy and flashy but they also work on how to initiate talking with their visitors via their creative work.

Now new designs with better objectives are being formulated to involve viewers in discussions and get their suggestions. So far many articles have been written on tips n tricks of web design. The experimentation in every field is becoming so common that many designers are trying marketing techniques like A.I.D.A i.e., attract/attention, interest, desire and action.Read More »Design to Market


Whoops!!! Some one did it again

How can somebody do this? Stealing a whole website design! It’s not only about stealing a web site but a lot more than that. It is offending somebody’s idea, killing his creative instinct and invading into his imaginary world.

And this offensive act has been done again with website design. When we found that the web design of was completely stolen by We were upset but not tensed (as it is not our first time to deal with these kind of crooks) because of the whole process of mailing and wasting our resources on it.Read More »Whoops!!! Some one did it again