Web Design Tactics to Help you out from Sticky Situation

Ask web designers! website design is not simple. You may think that the task to land a design in the way you want and that works efficiently is pretty easy. But truth lies some where else. Many-a-times designers get stuck at a point, even after working for hours on a particular design, and it refuses to look right.

Here are few fantastic tactics with which a designer can easily come out of a sticky situation he or she faces while designing a site:
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Key Elements for Better Web Design

Well, it is deceptively difficult to design a website, as it has to be functional, pleasing, delivers relevant information, technically sound, and visually coherent. Website gives your business a brand identity. It is often observed that medium of designing a website keeps changing recurrently with the advent of every new technology. However, the approach to these changes may be wrong and you may not get the desired result.Read More »Key Elements for Better Web Design

Reset style sheet: An Opine

Preferences of using CSS reset style sheets differ with different people. Many individuals find the approach ineffective while others are convinced with the features and applications. A CSS reset stylesheet is planned in a manner that it sets a number of element styles to a definite baseline that produces consistency across various browsers. Resetting your styles helps you to avoid malfunctioning to the browser’s in-built default style sheet. CSS helps to improve workflow which is the reason behind people still sticking to the CSS reset.Read More »Reset style sheet: An Opine

How to size text with CSS

Sizing the font according to the demand is an art of its own. Size of the font seems trivial with respect to the other factors on the webpage. However, it is quite significant in deciding the impact of the words. People use absolute and relative font sizing with CSS, pertaining to their need. There are several options to choose while using CSS to define font properties.
• Relative Font Size Units
• em
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Landing Page is no Home Page, Always

Why the creation of a landing page needs to be so thoughtful? Why can not you design a landing page like any other web page? And does smart designing of the landing page really increases the odds of a goal conversion?

Let’s start answering in the reverse order. Yes, a well designed and wisely knitted landing page can increase the odds of your goal conversion, then your goals can be sign-up for subscribing newsletter, free sign-up for your trial product, filling up your feed back form, etc.Read More »Landing Page is no Home Page, Always

Browser Test – Can’t Escape It

As the complexities in the cyberworld are increasing day by day, the web standards are becoming more stringent. On top of that, the emergence of new browsers has made it extremely essential to judge the suitability of each project in order to avoid errors.  Hence, there are various browser tests which certify the browser compatibility with XHTML and CSS code. The browser compatibility test enables the website owner to validate the appearance of his/her website or blog on different browser and computers enabled with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems.Read More »Browser Test – Can’t Escape It

TIDYcars did it unTIDY way

No… No… No… or should I grin a bit and say HaaH?

Tidycars were not supposed to do this again. They have again uploaded the same copied website design which they had stolen from our website Xhtml.Pixelcrayons.com. We had discussed it in our previous blog. Earlier we were assuming that some web designer has crooked them. As for the past few months their website was also down which made us think that they might be coming up with some new design. But their recent action has proved all our assumptions wrong.Read More »TIDYcars did it unTIDY way

FrontEnd Development Services

Converting a PSD to HTML/XHTML or a valid CSS markup is no longer a problem. No! I am not asking you to outsource your services to a Frontend Development Company without making a last self-attempt, but what if you still find yourself in a need to outsource?

What are you waiting for mate? Just go ahead and find some one who fits in your expectations for your services and gets your work done. Or else there is a way out for your problem- If your problem is pertaining to deficiency of coding knowledge; there are many tutorials which are ready to dispense the knowledge to you.Read More »FrontEnd Development Services

XHTML Compliance Website for Visually Disabled

Note: The Visually Disabled here refers to people with weak eyesight, or any kind of visual ailment.

One might usually ask, “Why XHTML?” “Is it really necessary?”, and we can list various reasons of its prominent standing in the web designing world. Few of them are search engine friendliness, speed optimization, coding standards and better visibility. So it becomes a practice that cannot be ignored in today’s pixel-perfect web designing world. But, seldom do we consider it “a rule”.Read More »XHTML Compliance Website for Visually Disabled