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Which is the best programming technology for web app development in the year 2020? This is one of the most debated questions among web programmers, students, and companies (wanted to develop their own website). Actually, every language has its own pros, cons or advantages, disadvantages. It totally depends on your requirements for website development.

In this blog post, I am going to clear your many doubts related to these programming languages or technologies, so that you can choose the best language according to your specific needs and requirements. Here, I’ll do a detailed and comprehensive comparison between these three most popular programming technologies viz. PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR). I’ll do a detailed comparison on the basis of various stats and data on different parameters. So, let’s start the battle of most popular programming languages ie: PHP vs Python vs RoR.


1. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Total Market Share

Usage statistics & market share of any programming language gives you an idea of the popularity of that language among masses. Below pic shows you the most widely used server-side programming languages in the world today.

Winner- PHP

2. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Website Built Using These

Many clients have chosen PHP web development, for example, Wikipedia, Facebook, PixelCrayons, to name a few popular websites. On the other hand, Ruby-on-Rails also has some reputed clients including Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, etc. In addition to this, the king of search engines Google, YouTube, etc. are made using the coding of Python.

Winner- Tie

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3. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Usability

Programming Language Usability is one of the most factors that you should consider before choosing it for your website development project. Almost all programming languages form an interface between computer and user. A language with high usability helps you develop more powerful, scalable and high performing software. Here is the comparison of PHP, Python, and Ruby on the basis of its Usability:

WinnerRuby-on-Rails (RoR)

4. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Learning Curve

Ease of learning or Learning Curve is also an important parameter for choosing a programming language as your career or for your next web app development project. A programming language with a high learning curve value is easy-to-understand and possess pretty clean codes. Among these three languages, Python has the best learning curve, PHP comes second and the last is Ruby-on-rails.

Winner- Python

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5. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Popularity Comparison

No doubt, PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today. It– is one of the oldest languages– has garnered many loyal coders and customer base. The other two languages viz. Ruby and Python web development is relatively new hence are less popular among the masses. The below image shows the TIOBE Programming index which measures the popularity level of different languages created & maintained by the TIOBE Company based in the Netherlands.

Winner- PHP

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6. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Performance Comparison

A performance comparison of any programming language is crucial. A high performing language helps you to produce scalable, secure and speedy software programs. In the below-mentioned image, I have shown average run time and lines of codes of all these three languages. These two parameters help you to understand and compare the performance of these three languages.

Winner- Ruby & PHP

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7. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Most Discussed Language

Most discussed programming language helps in many ways. If any language is popular or is most discussed, then it will have a big community that helps you to resolve your query in minimum time. Furthermore, the most discussed language also has good support. The below image depicts the stats related to the most popular programming language.

Winner- Python

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php-vs-python-vs-ruby-most discussed-language

8. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Job Posting & Salary

Analyzing high job posting of any programming language is quite important. If you are a job seeker, you can get an idea of the ease-of-availability of jobs of any specific programming language. On the other hand, these stats are also important for those people who want to develop their websites and want to choose an ideal programming language. A language with many jobs certainly has more programmers, job security as well as bright career prospects. If you wish to choose your career in either of the two languages, then you may check the following stats and decide. 

Winner- PHP

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9. Other Information

Let’s have a look at some other important information about these three popular languages:


10. PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Pros & Cons

In order to get a clear idea of PHP or Python or Ruby web development, you have to know the advantages and disadvantages of these three server-side programming languages. Every language has both pros and cons. It all depends on your needs and expectations of these languages. You can choose a language that best suits your specific business needs and requirements. Here are the pros and cons of these three programming languages.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Pros or Advantages


PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Cons or Disadvantages


Wrapping Up:

I hope this blog post clears your many doubts related to three popular programming languages. Above mentioned stats and facts help you to choose the right programming language as per your specific business needs. However, if you have any other query related to these languages or you want to develop your website on these languages, feel free to PixelCrayons : A leading web app development company in India. Our business consultants will help you in all the possible ways and help you decide which technology platform would be best for your web development project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who won the PHP vs Ruby vs Python war?

Python was never designed as a “web language” – it is instead a general-purpose dynamic language that is useful for web apps among many other purposes.

Ruby is similar to Python in its generality but is more pigeonholed as a “web language” 

PHP seems most strictly web-centric of the three languages listed.

In short, it depends on your purpose, pre-existing skills, and access to talent.

  • Which is best to build web applications: PHP, Python, or Ruby?

All languages are good for web applications but Python is one of the suitable languages as The internal support for web works very fine. You can start to build a python website with a very simple framework such as

  • Is PHP, Python, or Ruby best for backend programming?

Python is the best for a  complex project which needs a set of libraries or data science project. It also depends on what programming languages are you familiar with. So it depends on what type of project you are working on.

About the Author

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. Varun has written 500+ technology-related blogs and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.


  1. great comparison man…your article really help me to find out the difference among php python and ruby

  2. Seriously?!…
    You’re talking about version of framework “Ruby On Rails”, not about Ruby language version. Ruby version atm – 2.4.1
    Ruby On Rails – 5.1.0

  3. Popular != Good. If popularity is some kind of measure of goodness then Justin Bieber makes the best music on earth 😀

    PHP is a junk language but it’s everywhere. If you want to make a living from coding on junk, it’s your best bet. If you prefer craftsmanship you’ll pick a better language.

  4. I really appreciate these stats/info and your efforts…. I work on scala, python, ruby projects and others I like to dabble in. To engineers, evaluate your need and desires and pick a language based on the *your* requirements, consider some of the above pitfalls, but realize millions have overcome some if not all of what is above for each. Consider them as they are part in parcel a piece of the language. All languages have MVCs or similar that are *very* popular. If you are concerned about language specifics, that is a language issue, which is solved elsewhere. I find most of this slighted and we don’t even talk about static languages. Look at your requirements, and not a comparison blog. Perhaps that even pertains to my post 🙂

  5. Nice post… but, here I like to add that PHP is CallByValue, AFAIK and I know PHP quite well PHP is no different than Javascript or Java in this behavior. PHP has call time pass-by-value for scalars but pass-by-reference for objects – and this should be definitely considered as pros.

  6. Great stats!! Thanks for sharing this information… This post has cleared my many doubts…

  7. Nice stats!!! but I like PHP more than other language due to its scalability and large community…

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