PixelCrayons: Soon to come with a new design and structure

10th January 2010, Delhi, India: PixelCrayons, a market leader in website design and development industry has revealed that very soon it will be changing its whole service structure, along with its website design. A profit making subsidiary of Vinove Software & services unveils this report today morning.

‘We will be very soon rolling out our new website design and whole refreshed array of services, tailored and focused exactly to the need of the market,” said a reliable source.

On asking, “How this new website is different and how it will work more close to a client’s need?” He went on to say that, “This new website ensembles five separate service specific websites and each of them will have detailed information about the service and their process. This means more information for the client and hence more convenience for him in making a decision specific to his need.”

The company has shown attention to the market need and assiduousness it posses by launching a true one stop shop. Now the prospect does not need to grapple separately for his different website design & development needs, but just a single website. Custom design & development, E-commerce solution, Markup service, Content management solution and Outsourcing solutions are the services that one can receive from visiting single website only.

To know more, please visit the company at https://www.pixelcrayons.com

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