PixelCrayons Unveils the Curtain from its New Website

Welcome All! For years to you PixelCrayons.com has been a website in its light shade of blue & white color, with one page each for its different services. This was the design pattern of that time and hence for us too. But now with time design patterns have changed, design industry has grown and so do we.

5 years of hard labor has earned PixelCrayons such a reputation that we feel it our duty to experiment new things (creative & unique designs) and roll it down for rest of the industry to get inspired and utilize.

It’s not only the website design which has been reenergized but the whole structure, right from navigation to service. It took us months and many long discussions, before finalizing the design, color, navigation, content and other miniscule elements which otherwise are of vital importance.

The idea behind this entire makeover is to make the user experience more comfortable than ever. Where earlier the client was going to different websites for each of his service need, now he can navigate to the same service-specific-website in just a single click.

The transition on the face of our website has been like a facial change of a boy, who is grown to maturity from his adolescence. Today we feel highly elated and announce with joy & exuberance the release of PixelCrayons in its new avatar.

It would add to our excitement if you pay your visit and share your feelings about our new website at https://www.pixelcrayons.com

3 thoughts on “PixelCrayons Unveils the Curtain from its New Website”

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