Progressive Web Apps: Why are Businesses Using It For Their Profit?

As we know, since past few years progressive web apps have been really important for the mobile web industry. With the increase in the use of mobile applications, companies are constantly striving to offer a fast and efficient experience to their users. This not only makes users happy but also helps companies increase their sales.

To help businesses achieve all of this, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are proving to be their savior, and as of late, there is a large user base that is shifting to progressive web applications.

In this article, I will talk in detail about progressive web applications and some of the cool features of progressive web apps.

What is a Progressive Web Application?

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are those that are created using technologies such as JS, HTML, and CSS. They offer the appearance of native mobile applications. PWA services are in high demand as progressive web app features are rich in functionality and offer a smooth user experience just like native applications.

PWAs are known to offer a great web app-like experience and make it easy for businesses to interact with their customers. These days, most businesses, regardless of their size, find that PWAs are one of the best options for delivering what their users need. Most companies have replaced or plan to replace their websites with high-performance PWAs.

Also, to develop their PWAs, they contact the best PWA development company. The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors for progressive web applications. PWAs have effectively blurred the lines between the user experience offered by a mobile website and the native app.

What Makes Progressive Web Apps an Attractive Solution?

  • Easy to Implement

Let’s start with the good stuff. If you already have a web app and spend 10-15% more on front-end coding resources, you can have a progressive web app to go with it. There is no need to change your framework or introduce new technologies because the PWA is created using JavaScript, its standard interface language.

You don’t need additional resources, technologies, or people in your project to create a progressive web application. If you have JavaScript developers (either in-house or through outsourcing), you already have everything you need.

There is no need to install a PWA from the Play Store or App Store from the user side. Instead, when you start using a PWA, it will ask you to pin the app to your home screen. Do this, and voila! The app is now pinned alongside its native mobile apps. For your part, this means that you can also bypass the review process used by the Play Store / App Store, making your application active faster.

  • Expandable

Progressive web applications are easy to expand. Because you are essentially working on a website and adding some features, you can add new bells and whistles step by step. You can also update your progressive web app with new features as more browsers become compatible with all that PWAs have to offer.

  • Backed by Google

Backed by one of the world’s largest software companies, there are clear signs that progressive web applications have a bright future. I invite you to look up the presentations from this year’s Google I / O conference and see how many of them refer to PWAs. Personally, I’ve lost count, but one thing is clear: Google wants more websites to become an “app-like” experience, which in some cases becomes almost indistinguishable from native apps.

The Main Essential Functions of a Progressive Web Application

According to Google reports, 53% of mobile site visits are removed if the site takes more than 3 seconds to load. These mobile applications do not offer a pleasant experience to users as they have to wait for the page to load. Some of the major web application development companies believe that PWAs solve this problem very well.

To make your PWA stand out and achieve what you want for your business, here is a list of must-have features that can serve your purpose.

  • Mobile-first Approach

PWAs are developed primarily for use on mobile phones, so it is important to focus on one design, which is primarily for mobile phones. PWA developers can customize the interface of a PWA by simplifying its elements with the features of your mobile device. You can also hire web developers for the same work. PWA service providers must forget the traditional approach and follow an unconventional or unique approach to create unique PWAs.

  • Integration of Social Networks

Social media integration is a great way to generate user engagement. Users can easily use any of the social media platforms to sign up for your app. It will make the registration process much simpler and more convenient.

Social media platforms connect users with your brand. With these web applications, users can easily share their wish lists and order with their friends and family. Many application development companies can help you integrate social media platforms into your progressive web application.

  • Push Notification

Push notification is one of the most used and important for companies. It helps companies to connect and interact with their users through smartphones. With just a few clicks, companies can send the required information to users’ mobile.

Using push notifications, you can inform your users about the latest offers, discounts, promo codes, upcoming offers, and much more. This will keep your users connected to your brand and informed about everything related to your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization

There is no point in creating something that is not visible to anyone. The same goes for progressive web applications. You should focus on creating an SEO-optimized web application for your business.

If you are unfamiliar with SEO techniques, then you should go for professional PWA services as there are many technical aspects involved in making your application recognizable. There are several technical challenges involved in making sure the PWA is detectable. A progressive web application optimized for SEO can generate a lot of business.

  • Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are really important to your online business. They help you connect with your users even after your business hours. Many application development companies are available in the market that can help you integrate smart and intelligent chatbots into your PWA.

Chatbots are one of the most preferred support channels, which almost every customer-centric company is using these days. Not only do they keep your users connected to your brand, but they also allow you to solve all their queries, and having a chatbot ensures that you are available to them 24/7.

  • Payment Integration

Payment integration is another important feature your PWA must-have. Whether you are a product or service-based business, have multiple payment methods built into your web application so that users can choose the one that suits them best.

  • Allows Users to Pay for the Application Quickly

You must have several payment options and also have an integrated electronic wallet. Integrated e-wallets offer a hassle-free user experience as they allow for a quick and easy checkout process.

  • Security

Online business is quite risky, and it is very important to have a highly secure web application for your business. This will bring trust and credibility to your company, as users will trust your company and will not stop using your application.

You should contact an experienced progressive web app development company in India that has experience and expertise in building scalable web applications. In addition, the development team must be aware of the latest trends and technologies to create a unique and innovative web application for your business.

Advantages of Investing in Best Progressive Web App Development

The features of progressive web applications are interconnected and explain the reasons for their development.

  • Development Savings

Specialists who follow the progressive trend of web applications use a web stack for their development. This approach requires less effort and time, making it more cost-effective.

The reason is that developers do not need to build the app for multiple platforms because a single progressive app can work well on both Android and iOS and adapt to multiple devices.

  • Reduced Installation Friction

The ability to detect, one of the main characteristics of PWAs, increases their competitiveness against native applications. This advantage is especially significant considering that each additional step to download an application reduces the number of your potential users by 20 percent.

Since PWAs are not installed on a device or shared via Play or Apple stores, your customers are several steps closer to launching them. They don’t have to visit an app store, click the “install” button, and accept various permissions. They need to visit the website, add the application to a home screen, go back to the home screen, and open the website.

  • Easy Updates

In addition to skipping the app store, browsing, and installing, PWA users are free to update (or accept the update offer) of the app every time a developer releases new versions. Users always have access to up-to-date solutions. This feature allows companies to avoid the problem known as software fragmentation when they have to keep old versions of applications or risk losing users until they start the update.

  • Greater User Engagement

The comScore researchers also found that 80 percent of mobile users intentionally move apps to the home screen. Therefore, the ability to add to the home screen makes PWAs more competitive with web applications. There have to be other reasons why people decide to try the app, of course.

According to development stats, these factors are mainly frequency of use (61 percent), simplicity of access (54 percent), and speed of access (49 percent). The chances of a better distribution are, therefore, greater for PWAs. Push notifications also fuel user interest in the app.

Large companies like Ali Express have already benefited from the launch of progressive applications. The e-commerce giant’s conversion rates have increased by 104 percent, time spent per session increased an average of 74 percent across all browsers. In addition to this, users began to visit twice as many pages in each session.

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When to Create Progressive Web Applications?

Progressive web application development can help you solve various challenges. Let’s describe several situations in which it makes sense to progress.

First of all, PWA creation is about user engagement. Users who don’t want to do extra clicks to download an app can be an important part of your community. Statistics from a recent comScore report show that this assumption is well-founded. More than 50 percent of US smartphone users don’t download a single app a month. 

With a PWA, you can interact with this large group of users even if you already have a native application. It also saves a substantial amount of budget on updates and maintenance of native applications.

As people mainly depend on the wireless network and mobile connection, they are likely to prefer websites and applications that use fewer data and remain at least partially functional offline. And the PWAs have it all.

Building a progressive web application is faster and cheaper, so you can use this type of application to support a one-time or annual event, such as a music festival.

However, it is important to remember that functionality is the weak point of PWAs. So if native app-specific features (i.e., access to a camera or geolocation) aren’t essential, stick with a PWA. It is no wonder that leading media such as the Financial Times or the Washington Post have realized the benefits of using PWAs to publish articles.

To sum up all of the above, the things you need to consider when making a choice are performance and functionality, development timelines and costs, and user experience.

Where To Go Next?

If you have made up your mind of choosing Progressive Web Apps over native mobile apps then the next step for you is to choose the best among all the progressive web app services available.

Only a professional can help you come up with the best possible solution which will lead your business to success. For any other queries or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Till then, that’s all folks!

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