Responsive Website: A Requirement More Than a Trend

During the earlier days, it was enough to have your own website. But later as the time changed, so did the needs. Next what is much required is “interactivity” and more social networking plug-ins. The focus is undoubtedly a clear one in terms of the requirements. And the priority is the website with “mobile” version. Thus, the focus was to keep a tab of the look of the website on the flashy new screens. The latest features of websites changed after the Smartphones were introduced. This changed the definition of a responsive website.

In today’s technological world, it is important for the audience to access the website from the plethora of devices. Be it your tablet, phablet or Smartphones or any other device.

What is a Responsive Design?

In order to address these crucial demands from all over, developers have implemented the latest technology of Responsive Design. If you’ve heard this term for the first time, don’t feel embarrassed. At least you’re honest and you’re among the majority. So let us throw some light on what is a responsive design?

Responsive Design is a form of a design which is not bound to the pixels. It adds up to the fluid panels and is percentage oriented which allows the website to display among the latest trends on several browsers of the various devices. Thus, the user is required to scroll a little as per the device size.

Point to be noted here is that a website looks “Graceful” no matter where you access it from, Phones, Tablet, phablet, desktop etc.

Why do you need a Business Responsive Website?

Did you ignore the previous warning? Is your business unable to utilize the responsive web design in a subtle manner? Or are you still making plans for the future in terms of the responsive webpage? Well, if this is all that is on your platter, un-served, I am afraid, you might be in danger of losing your business.

How? Alright, so let me tell you. We have three exceptional regulations for this:-
1. Never depend on your webpage to be in the business game.
2. You’ve got no competitors.
3. You’re aware of the responsive design. You’ve got to verify if responsive design is the right fit for you or not. e.g. : LinkedIn
If you’ve already pondered over these three rules and if any of it applies to you then Congratulations, you’re safe!

But wait….

Is it that your business is completely dependent on your website? If this is so, do not rule out your goal. Get your responsive website before hand as your marketing tool, else you’ll be in a serious blow.

When it comes to the ramifications of the web designing, it is kind of a unique fashion that is undoubtedly a colossal one. The point to highlight here is that it tends to affect the number of lead generation. It is helpful in terms of the higher lead generation (sales).

Let us take a quick review on your question of “WHY RESPONSIVE DESIGN?”

  • Increasing of the conversion rates
  • Easy crawling and indexing on Google (Highly recommended)
  • A better user-experience
  • Survive easy in the business competition game
  • Manage Easy
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Guaranteed ROI

Now let us go further and learn some more reasons that have served the websites well that are already working on the responsive web design.

Mobile and The Desktop: The Tug of War

As per the statistics and research, the modern age has influenced more people to move to the mobile phone usage than the desktop (For the internet usage).
Earlier days were more about sipping a cup of coffee in front of your desktop. But as the world transformed, we discovered the handiness of the mobile phones, tablet and phablet.

A true blessing in disguise!

Isn’t it?

Mobile has made our future MOBILE

As per the research, over 70% of the people are smart Phone users on a global scale. Also the traffic from the mobile devices has doubled from the previous year’s performances. Now the news is that by 2017, we will have a population of 5 billion people who will be using mobile phones.
So please note, “Without providing a mobile friendly webpage to your audiences, your future is a bleak one”. If you don’t serve your clientele better in terms of the website usage, they shall bounce off your webpage and move to that of your competitors which could be easier to operate.

Cost of Responsive Design

Well, if you have a simple landing webpage for your business generation, making some modifications to your webpage with the responsive design will not cost you much but very little. A few hundred dollars! That’s all!
And, in case you gotta get your website redesigned, you can get it conversted into responsive design at the same time.
Hence, paying for your website to be responsive is worth the price. It’s easier to reach more traffic users in a short span of time.

The Final notes

There are chances that your competitors might not be implementing the responsive designs. This signifies that they might be bouncing off on to their potential clientele. This is where you can stay, target and take away those customers.
So, have you taken up your responsive website? Gone through benefits that you can see from the development? Feel free to get in touch with our experts in case of any query.

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