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Shopping cart is considered as one of the most important tools of Ecommerce business. There are number of ecommerce shopping cart available in the web market which creates confusion in selecting the best shopping cart for an online business. So, selection of the best suited shopping cart is one of the most critical decisions for the success of an online business. There are many people, engaged in online business, still confused about the proficiency and usability of shopping cart. In this section, we have tried to put a clear picture of shopping cart for the benefits of online store owners.

What is a shopping cart?

A shopping cart is an ecommerce solution which is an instrument for the ordering process of an online store that allows customers to choose their product and to let them purchase their selected products. In other words, it is a list of items that customer selects to buy products before the process of “checkout”. Many people have a misconception regarding shopping cart that it maintains the whole financial transaction of an online business. It is a separate service which acts as a medium through which information passes from the front end to the payment gateway. After that, from the payment gateway the request transfers to the relevant financial networks. Then confirmation or rejection is sent back to the shopping cart. In a nutshell, shopping cart has really made it so convenient to create and to run an online store. But since there are number of shopping cart packages available in the market, deciphering the best option becomes difficult.

What is the role of PayPal in shopping carts?

PayPal acts as a medium of payment in online business. Actually the payment process is not done by the shopping carts but there are PayPal-certified shopping carts those are very easy to set up and enable easy payment process.

What are the features of shopping carts?

From the last few years, ecommerce shopping cart solution has become one of the most important tools of online shopping. There are some important and useful features of shopping carts that make it a necessary instrument for online store.

1) Cross selling functions

Shopping cart provides you the facility to select supplementary product, as some of the shopping carts suggest another product in place of the current product. If the client get favorable discount on another product, then they are more likely to buy them.

2) Quantity discounts/coupons
Many shopping carts provide the facility of discount on the basis of the quantity a client wants to purchase. Coupons allow you to avail the special offers by the company.

3) Auto responder and newsletter functions
As the owner of an online shop you must follow up with all the clients through mails and other medium. In this context, shopping cart would be the best possible instrument for that as it is embedded with auto responder and newsletter attributes.

4) Affiliate modules
Affiliate programs are considered as one the best ways to promote and advertise the product in terms of cost effectiveness, as these affiliate programs are performed for generating higher sales. It would be more profitable here in this program as you are paying on the basis of sales performance.

These are the most useful features of shopping cart. Besides these, there are some more features those are embedded with shopping cart and are very useful. These are inventory tracking, calculation of sales tax, stationary management, review list and demand list. Overall we can say that introduction of shopping carts have changed the scenario of Ecommerce business and facilitate both the seller and the buyer.


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