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Want to Outshine Competitors?

“Let each man experience the Art he knows,” By Aristophanes Once said Aristophanes and then, came this UX London 2010 where a three-day event incorporating the inspirational talks, purely based on the observation and the experience that every artist is born with, and in-depth workshops. “Art is making something out of nothing” This is what all the well profound web designers from different spheres came up and shared their valuable art and experience to be able to provide flourishing designers in the web industry with the advanced techniques, and the skills involved.

We acknowledge the fact that everyone had not been lucky to attend the event in person, but here through this post, we have tried our level best to incorporate the maximum we could. The main difficulty in writing this post was not something about “what to include”, but in “what to leave.” The list goes like this… — The first website designer that I would like to include is Stephen Anderson, who talked about his theory on “The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions.”

The very first question that I would like to ask my readers, especially the web designers and the artist, that what do they understand by the term Seduction? To tell you frankly, I had read these lines somewhere recently, “But seduction isn’t making someone to do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone doing what they secretly want to do.” Now, coming to the idea where Stephen serves as a guide to the world of creating that Seductive Interactions in his web designs to be able to meet the business needs.

The main point was the the concept of visual creatures— seeing and then understanding. The whole point revolved around visually engaging your viewers in something substantial don’t give your readers a chance to think. Let them flow into the sea of your own thoughts and ideas and then understanding them. The process of seduction, by Stephen was given by citing a model by Joshua Porter, who stressed on the need to create rewards, feedback, generate curiosity— a kind of a challenge generally used in the website gaming. It becomes important to create that need in the consumer, the experience, which is highly influential. He stressed on the fact to step into the shoes of a user and then, see if your designs and the website is able to create that psychological effect. — “Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.” This quote aptly fits in this section wherein the talk by Jeff Patton could not be afford to miss. His session involved the the use of the “real-world” to create effective user experience. The final outcome of your indispensable creative and new ideas should be on a designer’s priority list. Nothing comes as a strategy in custom website designing, the process is powerful but sometimes little understood. The process, which you tend to follow goes in a direction independent of any pre-plans and strategies to behold your visitors. — Thirdly, Jesse James Gerret presented a talk on the “Elements of User Experience Design,” inspired from the 4 factors, if considered and understood, help trigger that psychological effect on the human psyche that is, 1. Perception 2. Cognition 3. Emotion 4. Action He argues that human experience is not only guided by the 5 primary sense, but also by motion, body and heart by giving a suitable gaming and books example for each. They are Mirror’s Edge, Nintendo Wii, and a book by Don Norman called Emotional Design respectively. — Last but not the least, when almost every designer was talking about their concept and theories surrounding web designs, Karen McGrane came up with the concept of content, which was actually missing. She placed a strong point that when interactive designs’ form function, the form follow the content as well. She is of the opinion that website design is the clear concept of planning, analysis, creation and management. The content, according to me, it is the language of a design.

“Everyone has a story. When people talk about what they know and do well, they’re always interesting,” said one of the designer in the conference. And it is actually true because this conference was the result of the valued, insightful and user-friendly experience of the pioneers in this field of web designing and actually a treasure for our young and aspiring designers.

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