Software or Developers – Who to trust for PSD to HTML Conversion?

A Meteoric rise in the E-marketing industry is just because of cutthroat competition in the market. There is never ending competition between ‘human’ and ‘technology’. But, here question arises: Software or developers– who to trust for PSD to HTML conversion? Which one is better? So have a look, which option to take for PSD to HTML/XHTML conversion, between software and manual coders.


PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion can be done with the help of plenty of software. Software is available online and most of them can be downloaded free of cost. Many new opportunities have been created by software to facilitate several design techniques, including conversion of PSD to HTML. Software manufacturers claim that this software can convert PSD files into desired formats in a very less time. Here are some of the advantages:


    1. Affordable

Conversion with the help of software is very cost-effective. PSD to HTML conversion software is very affordable, so that people with very small or low budget can use this conversion software.

    1. Convenient

You can easily convert a PSD based files to HTML files with the help of software. Anyone can perform PSD to HTML Conversion, just because conversion with the help of software does not require any knowledge of designing and development industry.

    1. Saves time

PSD to HTML conversion software takes very less time to convert PSD files to HTML. Generally conversion software is chosen by the people who want their designs in urgency.

Above mentioned points seem very beneficial and convincing, after reading these points anyone can go for the software conversion. But, this is the positive side of software conversion process so wait and check software integration critics.


    1. Involves High Risks

Sometimes it happens that software fails to yield clean, readable, and errorless codes and this ultimately ruins or changes the entire design.

    1. Lack of Creativity

Some or the other way, mechanical conversion always lacks behind. Mechanical conversion leads to such designs which lack creativity and even fail to draw customer’s attention.

    1. Lack of Accuracy

PSD to HTML software conversions have not been very accurate. Designs which you supposedly get through Photoshop cannot be generated using a mechanical conversion. That’s why it is one of the critics that software integration has.


Why manual coding? Why it is a tiresome task? Well, PSD to HTML conversion is very scrupulous task and it requires sound knowledge, great skills and experience. Websites which offers conversion services are backed by expert professionals of this field. These professional service providers are expert in the task of PSD to XHTML/HTML conversion and provide lot of benefits to customers. Here are some of the benefits:


    1. Cross Browser Compatible

Designs which are manually coded are more cross browser compatible. Their compatibility level is checked on different levels of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and many more.

    1. Hand Coded

The manual coding is done with the help of hand coded PSD to CSS/HTML markups. This method is all about slashing file size and to increase its readability.

    1. Guaranteed Quality

Hand coded designs are the designs where quality is assured. These designs are much better than software designs because here you can easily communicate with the experts/developers who are executing your project. Moreover, you have a chance to revise your designs whenever you want.

    1. Long-term Benefits

When you opt for manual coding you definitely get long term benefits attach with them. Software designs can’t be revised but, manually coded designs can carry out for revision as many times you want. That’s why every time these designs can come up with some modified designs.


Manually coded designs are the designs where you can keep your work, pages updated with maximum convenience. Therefore, there’s not any drawback in manual coding.

Whether we talk about software or developers, every thing has its pros and cons. It’s actually the customers who has to decide what to choose or what not to? However, after considering the above parameters one should go for manually coded designs as they are better in terms of quality and quantity over the software.

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