Things that Affect Web Designs

A web design is like a building block of a site. The design is, in fact, the soul of a site. When it comes to a web design, there are a number of things which affect and influence it. Different people perceive things differently. This is the reason why no two designers will come up with the same web design for a particular business. There may be some common solutions and components, but overall the design differs from designer to designer. Thus there is no single solution to a design problem.

The very first thing that influences a business web design is the individual design process. Different people have different processes for design. People perceive things differently and their approach towards it is also different. In fact, the time of day one works and the type of music one listens to also affects the way one designs. Whether one works early in the morning, or late in the night also affects the design. Most of the designing ideas start with a visual image, an abstract thought, a mind map, or a sketch. The point is- where you start the influence is where you finish.

The tools used also affect a design. Different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. The tools add additional constraints to a problem as well as point the way towards a solution through that particular tool’s strengths.

Experience is another influencing factor. Every individual associates a different experience with different problems and their solutions. This difference in experiences leads to different connections and different possible solutions. Everything an individual creates is filtered through his life’s experience. The knowledge of design theory and design principles also affects the design. For instance, a person having the knowledge about grids will use it effectively in the design. On the other hand, a person who does not know about grids will not have this option available to him for the design.

Your practical skills also influence your design a lot. If someone is a better illustrator then he is more likely to incorporate illustrations into a design solution compared to a person who is not a good illustrator. A person having the knowledge about grids and enough practice of using them will use it in a much better way compared to a person, who merely has the knowledge of grids but do not possess much practical knowledge about them.

The strengths and weaknesses of a designer also influence a design. Generally people seek solutions that play more to their strengths and attempt to minimize their weaknesses.

Understanding of web development is another factor influencing a web design. If you realize that a possible solution may be difficult to code, it may make you look for an alternative solution. However, if you know how the code might be altered to achieve something new, it may push you towards design solutions that require altering the code. This is the reason why custom web design services provide best web designs. They have experienced designers with enough knowledge about web development.

Personal likes and dislikes also influence the design. It is nearly impossible to entirely remove one’s likes and dislikes from his work. The designs tend to lean towards the thing one likes. Most of the times, designers pick up projects they are interested in. The color preferences of an individual decide which color he uses in web designs.

Another influencing factor is the designs you admire. That is, designs which inspire you. Generally people begin to evolve their own style by first copying the style of those they admire. The style evolved carries the influence of the inspiration.

Lastly, it is what inspires us in general that affects our designs. These things are likely to find their way into and influence the work.

These are some of the things that influence the creation of a web design. Design problems have multiple solutions, any of which can work well. There is no single best design solution as there is no single way to determine what is best. There is no right or wrong set of tools. The more you understand the different things that influence you as well as how they influence you, the more you can change and shape the influences that find their way into your work.

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