Tips for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment has emerged as one of the most serious problem for the online business. According to a recent research in the industry, it has been found that almost 60 percent of online shoppers abandon their carts at some point in the process. Even the most optimized shopping cart processes are not able to prevent this abandonment. Understanding the cause and finding a suitable shopping cart software solutions for this has become the demand of this online industry.


It has been found that the problem lies somewhere in the marketing department. This is not to pin point their mistakes but just to give an idea of where do they lack while marketing for their product. This article will help them to know the reason behind this and will work to fix things.
So let’s start:

Avoid Hidden Costs


These are the most irritating features of websites which annoys the online customers and generates a disbelief in them. Most often these are found in the cases of shipping charges which are not disclosed while the online purchasing.

Promote Return Policies


Try to place a hot linked bit of copy which implies to the assurance of returning or exchange in your shopping cart. It will work best if it is placed just next to the button of click from where the shoppers confirm their order. This allows shoppers to make buying decisions in a faster way.

Indicate the Shopping Process


Try to number the steps and label the task clearly in each step. The shopper should be aware of what products he has opted for and let them review their previous steps, also allow them to return to their current step in case they go back.

Highlight the Stock



Always show the inventory on the product page instead of showing it on the shopping cart page. It allows shoppers to go for the products which are available without any hesitation.

High Pricing



Now this is the most common factor that most of the consumers are price orientated therefore make sure that your product is not over rated and highly priced because this will let shoppers leave your site well before they make their mind to purchase anything.

Reduce the Number of Steps


This is a common technique for the success of any shopping cart i.e. try to make buying process as quick as possible. Try to have a single page to complete the sales, asking for too much information which you really don’t need may exasperate the shoppers and they can change their mind to buy your product.

Images of the Products



In physical stores there is an option for the customer to touch, feel and judge about the product but in online purchasing, they solely judge the product on the basis of its picture quality. Therefore, if you have varieties in your product, use customized images for them. This is the most attraction drawing feature of any E-Commerce web design.

Get Feedback


Always make an attempt to get a feedback from the customer. It shows that you are concerned about the customer and care for them. Provide them with your contact numbers so that they can call you but make sure that the number should be different from the one which you have mentioned on the main site.

Answer the Queries of Customers



There should always be a scope of resolving the queries of customers regarding the online shopping. You need to make a section of FAQs so as to facilitate the online shopping. Since th queries can be regarding various issues: could be pre-order query, dispatching queries to name a few.

Flexible Carts


Allow shoppers to add or delete any item at any time which makes their shopping experience a pleasant one. People like to shop on those sites only which they find comfortable and convenient according to them.

Window Shopping


Shoppers should be allowed to view their products which they have bought and also provide links which enables them to view their items in another window. This helps them to keep a record of what they are buying and generates a confidence in them regarding the products which they have bought.

It is really tough time going in the online business market. It is very important to keep an eye on each and every aspect of it. When it comes to any E-Commerce business, shopping cart software solutions play an important role. It has to be customized keeping in mind the specific business requirements. Shopping cart is the key to the success of any E-Commerce business.

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