Websites are digital representation of your business. An informative and engaging website can help you reach out to potential customers and script your success. If you are still struck with a traditional website development and maintenance tool, it’s time to switch over to a Content Management System. You may have come across several blog posts highlighting the advantages of content management systems. CMS tools let you build a site from scratch and maintain it without any hassle. Here in this short write-up we shall take a look at 10 advantages of CMS over traditional website.


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Total Control

CMS tools give you complete control over the design and content published on the site. You can make changes at will, without having to depend on the services of the developer. It requires no coding or graphic design skills.

Modular Development

Content Management Systems allow modular development where every feature and element in the site acts as a module which can be added and removed easily. This makes your website highly scalable.

Fresh Look & Content

Websites that are regularly updated in terms of design and content create a strong impression in the minds of the users. Search Engines too, rank sites based on the freshness of their content, and CMS tools allow you to do this painlessly.

Unlimited Pages & Features

Websites developed using CMS tools have no limit on the number of pages, indexes and sub-indexes. With third-party plugins you would be able to achieve unlimited features and functionalities on the site.

Multiple Users

Business websites are usually managed by different teams from those updating the products and services details to those who publish the blogs. CMSs allow multiple users to work on the site irrespective of their location.


Content Management Systems have state-of-the-art security features that protect your content and database from all kinds of malicious attacks. You can easily restrict access to your content via a permission based system.

Updates & Upgrades

CMS ecosystem is highly flexible and hence you can easily update and upgrade your site to be in sync with the latest demands in the world of technology.

Improved Customer Service

With CMS you would be able to offer better customer services. From live chat to contact forms, it allows your users to reach you faster in case of any doubts and queries and generate instant tickets.

SEO Friendly

CMS tools are search engine friendly and hence any changes made on the site would immediately be reflected on the search engines. It allows you to make real-time updates on the site without any hassle.

Huge Savings

Top CMS solutions come for free and hence you don’t incur any initial expanse. On top of that you can make changes to the site without the help of a developer which helps save costs.

Apart from these there are a number of other advantages of using CMS tools for web development. These are backed by a strong community of developers and have been constantly evolving with time.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. Varun has written 500+ technology-related blogs and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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