Top 10 Drupal Extensions

Drupal is an open source content management system. It is developed by community of users and developers and published under GNU General Public License. Drupal is a platform to design a website in most reliable and effective manner. It supports the technologies that web  offers. Drupal as an open development model, helps people to work on it constantly. Drupal CMS comes in many versions. All the consecutive versions of Drupal are much advanced than previous one. It also offers  extensions to help developers in order to make  website more functioning and flexible. Following mentioned extensions are the top 10 Drupal extensions.

Admin menu


Admin menu extension of Drupal helps to render all the administrative  items under administer in a very clean attractive and CSS menu in the top position of your website. It acts like a life saver if you are administrating a website. It manages the entire admin functionality of the website.



View can be considered as outcome to your custom query. You can present the views with many different ways. Calender is an example of views for your website. View is also known as query builder which is able to execute queries at run time and present the data whenever you want.

Content Construction Kit


You can define a new content by using Content Construction Kit. CCK is a strong functionality without any coding. Introduction of Multigroup can make CCK more stronger. Multigroup helps you to create composite field with different base CCK fields. These field can be arranged as per your preference.

Organic groups


Organic groups help users to create and manage their groups like forums. Organic group can be created by a single group owner. Group owner is authorized to  delete the group if he has the  permission. This helps as a social aspect to the website.



To add the spread sheet functionality in your website, you can use sheetnode extension. Sheetnode is embedded with a node as a tab and YUI integration. It is also  configured with Java which is able to upload excel sheets from source to the website. Google spreadsheet is a good option for sheetnode.

Dynamic Display block


Dynamic Display block adds a lot of attractiveness to the website. It is used to show the featured content on the front page of the website. Dynamic Display block can contain news, portfolio, products, videos etc.



Pathauto extension helps to generate path aliases for different content like nodes, categories, users etc. These paths are depends upon pattern system. Pattern system can be controlled by administrator. It helps to get rid of default or ugly paths.



Devel helps the Drupal developers and themers in  generating SQL summaries and in creating data for the test site. It helps in showing the theme information on the website.



This extension provides features to the login system of Drupal. It is useful when it comes to allow email based login, email confirmation during registration of users. It allows users to login immediately and that too with their name or with email id. It optionally combines login and registration form on the page.



This extension is used for managing email newsletters. With the help of this extension, you can send and publish the newsletters to subscribers. Authenticated as well as unauthenticated users can be added in different mailing list. Mime Mail can be used to send mail in HTML format.

With these powerful and featured rich extensions, Drupal has become more and more user friendly CMS. Using these Drupal extensions, you can empower your website by enhancing its functionality and usability. Therefore, you can make use of these extensions to make your website to perform effectively and efficiently .

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