Top 30 Mobile App Development Company in India for SMEs & Enterprises

mobile app development company in India

Mobile App Development has been constantly progressing for many years now and so as mobile app companies. According to App Annie, smartphone users globally have downloaded over 28.4 billion apps on their iOS and Android smartphones.

With new technologies including AR/VR and IoT on the rise, mobile apps are expected to continue being a core getaway for users to access business services.  

For companies and aspiring entrepreneurs, Mobile apps provide the best platform to communicate and interact with customers. However, mobile app development does not come without a cost.

In pursuit of gaining a competitive edge, it’s paramount for businesses to keep a check on mobile app development costs in the process of getting a well-built mobile app across iOS and Android platforms. So are you looking for a mobile app company to fulfill your mobile app development needs? If yes, I’ve got you covered!

Keeping in mind the needs of SMEs for having a mobile application platform while not going too out of their budgets, I’ve used a set of research parameters for selecting the best mobile app development company in India for mobile app development with lower development costs and higher RoI.

The parameters for shortlisting these Mobile App development companies in India are as follows:

— Google search Analysis
— Ratings from Clutch and Good firms
— Contact the company’s clients for verifying customer satisfaction levels
— Current Portfolio and work history of the company
— The balance between value for money and quality of solutions offered
— Development Costs Vs. the quality of solutions offered

The result of research on these selected parameters was this list of the top 30 mobile app development companies in India.

1. PixelCrayons. (Maintains the best balance between costs and quality)
2. Code Brew Labs (Has consistent delivery of services, thus keeps its place)
3. Peerbits (Has moved 1 place lower)
4. STX Next (Maintains its current position)
5. Appinventiv (Has moved two places higher)
6. Cumulations (Has maintained its position)
7. SynapseIndia (Moves 2 please higher)
8. Net Solutions (new entrant)
9. Space-O Technologies (new entrant)
10. IntellectSoft (Maintained its position) 
11. Hyperlink Infosystem (new entrant)
12. Konstant Infosolutions (Has maintained its position)
13. Dev Technosys (Maintains its current position)
14. Prismetric (Has moved 1 place lower)
15. Cisin (Has consistent delivery of services, thus keeps its place)
16. Arka Softwares (new entrant)
17. Apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (new entrant)
18. Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Maintained its position)
19. Mobulous (Has maintained its position)
20. SayOne Technologies (new entrant)
21. Quytech (Has maintained its position)
22. The NineHertz (new entrant)
23. Emizen Tech (Has maintained its position)
24. Intelivita (new entrant)
25. Geeky Ants (Has maintained its position)
26. OpenXcell (new entrant)
27. RipenApps (Has maintained its position)
28. Spec India (Has maintained its position)
29. Octal I.T. Solution (new entrant)
30. SoluLab (Has maintained its position)

Let’s Talk About these Mobile App Development Companies in India in an Elaborative Way:

1. PixelCrayons

Mobile app development company In India- PixelCrayons
PixelCrayons is a Web & mobile app development company based in New Delhi, India. The mobile app company offers app development services in native iOS and Android platforms, along with cross-platform development through platforms such as Xamarin and React Native. The skilled mobile app developers in this mobile app company have an average experience of 5+ years. The 14-year-old company has served over 4,800 clients and has a 97% client retention rate. What makes it the best here though, is its 100% money-back guarantee offered to dissatisfied clients.

2. Code Brew Labs

top mobile apps company 2

Code Brew Labs started with just 4 young and talented people and now its members have expanded to a count of over 200. With a core focus on delivering a high ROI to its clients, the company has “brewed” over 300 apps for its clients worldwide. In addition to mobile app development on iOS and Android platforms, Code Brew labs also assist its clients in the integration of CRM systems and payment applications into the mobile app environment.

3. Peerbits

Mobile app development company in India

Peerbits is a mobile app company & software development company based in Dubai, UAE. The company offers mobile app development on both the Android & iOS platforms. Peerbits ensures the complete satisfaction of its clients by providing full-cycle support on App development through its 100+ development staff. Having completed over 300 projects, the developers ensure the apps are properly tested for bugs and errors before their deployment on app markets.

4. STX Next

top mobile apps company 4

STX Next is a mobile app company with expertise in other services such as Python development. What really makes the company credible is its approach to helping its clients. Instead of simply delivering their needs, the company places a priority on knowing whether its clients can handle a particular mobile app environment in the first place. With its 200+ talented team members, the company provides services in Native app development, Hybrid app development, and also in Progressive web apps.

5. Appinventivbest mobile app development company in India

Appinventiv is an app development agency based in India. The company provides mobile app consultancy services and its team has developed over 700 apps. Appinventiv delivers full-cycle services in the field of Mobile App development from the stage of ideation until application maintenance. In addition to apps for mobile devices, the company also is actively involved in the development of wearable apps.

6. Cumulations

top mobile apps company 6

Cumulations is a mobile apps company specializing in services for Healthcare and Multimedia industries. The company has delivered over 100 projects to clients worldwide. With an average Android developer experience of over 5 years, Cumulations has developed expertise over the years in Android app development. In addition to the development of mobile apps, the company also offers backend infrastructure for the same.

7. SynapseIndia

Mobile app development company in India

Synapse India is a mobile apps company with over 500 satisfied clients in the past 4 years. The 100+ mobile developers of the company have delivered up to 650 projects to clients spread across 50+ countries. The company deals in Native app development in iOS and Android, and in Hybrid app development through Xamarin.

8. Net Solutions

top 10 mobile apps company

Net Solutions is a top mobile app development company in India that has been catering to the needs of its clients for over 18 years now. The company offers native mobile app development services in Android and iOS along with Hybrid App development using Xamarin and React Native. Net Solutions has more than 225 developers working in its offices spread across multiple countries.

9. Space-O Technologies

best mobile apps company 9

Space-O Technologies is a mobile app company in business for over 8 years. The company has developed over 3500 mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. Catering to over 12 different types of Industries, the 200+ associates working in the company use the latest technology stacks for mobile app development.

10. IntellectSoft

mobile app development company in India

IntellectSoft is a mobile app company that provides mobile app development support for large enterprises and fortune 500 companies, thus it’s not really a budget-friendly mobile app company, but its clientele makes it seem more reliable in comparison to other development companies charging higher prices. Its 11-year expertise in its services has made it an ideal development partner for large-scale projects. IntellectSoft uses pre-made modules for its mobile app development services, which include the implementation of new technologies such as AR and Chatbots.

11. Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem offers multiple services, including custom app development, A.I. implementation, A.R. & Vr integration, etc. They’ve produced over 4,000 apps for companies around the world—their portfolio is impressive and spans many different industries. They also offer a broad array of consulting services to assist with strategy and branding decisions.

A core strength of Hyperlink Infosystem is its ability to successfully partner with clients to produce solutions that best fit their needs—including software as a service (SaaS) technology. As a bonus, Hyperlink has offices in India, U.S, and U.K., giving them a global reach that some competitors lack. It’s no wonder they’re one of our top mobile app development companies in India.

12. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolution

Konstant Infosolutions is a leading provider of mobile app development services in India. Their advanced and innovative solutions help businesses grow and develop. Konstant Infosolutions leverages experience and industry expertise to design, develop, deploy and support your business vision.

Their experienced team has delivered successful projects across Industries – Digital Media, Analytics & Data Management, Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Predictive Analytics.

13. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys provides cross-platform app development services using leading frameworks, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The firm delivers bespoke apps as per client needs and requirements. The company also develops enterprise mobility solutions to give organizations a competitive edge over their peers.

Clients praise Dev Technosys for its ability to deliver timely, high-quality products that are cost-effective and easy to use. Many top brands have used its services, including Hertz, Nike, and Whirlpool, among others. Dev Technosys has extensive experience working with clients from diverse industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

14. Prismetric


Prismetric is a trusted mobile application development company in India. The firm offers a wide range of services, from building Android and iOS apps to consultation on app design, monetization, and promotion. They also take into account that its clients vary greatly in business experience. 

While some may be new to app development entirely, others are seasoned companies looking to develop onto additional platforms or change their existing program’s look or feel. With an extensive background in digital marketing services and programming skills, Prismetric can quickly meet all your needs under one roof.

15. Cisin


Cisin is an established mobile app development company in India with over 18+ years of experience, making it among the most experienced companies on our list. They boast an impressive portfolio, with some of their past clients including Boston Consulting Group & Nokia.

What makes Cisin so unique? Well, they provide a full range of services from design to programming, and their developers’ apps have been downloaded over half a million times! They’re also active on social media and regularly take part in hackathons to promote innovation.

16. Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares is a name that has been consistently making it the top app development company in India year after year. It specializes in native iOS and Android apps, outsourcing, consulting, and other web services. The firm started as a small app startup, but its reputation grew rapidly and soon became prosperous.

Arka’s team includes experienced iOS and Android developers and designers that create beautiful interfaces according to your business needs and audience preferences.

17. Apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

With over four years of experience and three hundred clients, Apponward is a highly-rated mobile app development company in India. With a team of more than sixty experienced engineers and designers, they have provided innovative apps to their clientele across various industry verticals.

Their client base consists of some exciting names such as Newsbulb, Flow Mix, etc. The list is pretty long and continues to grow! If you urgently need any mobile app development service, you can surely trust Apponward Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

18. Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Indus Net Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Based out of Hyderabad, India, Indus Net is a web development company with a knack for mobile applications. Their team of developers has years of experience developing software and apps for various devices and platforms. Thanks to their relentless pursuit of perfection, they have earned a reputation as a top mobile app development company. Don’t settle for anything less when choosing your next app development company in India.

19. Mobulous

Mobile app development company in India- Mobulous

Mobulous’s motto is Think, Create, Innovate, and they’re all about delivering mobile solutions that get results. They focus on Android and iOS app development, using agile methodologies and lean startup practices to help companies design products that quickly bring new features into users’ hands while maintaining high user experience levels.

Mobulous has many success stories of mobile apps created and launched successfully—some even hitting number one on their respective Apple and Google Play stores within a week of launch. Mobulous keeps track of these apps through its Launch Tracker, which gives you updates on how each app did every day after launch so you can quickly see how your new business is performing.

20. SayOne Technologies

SayOne Technologies

Established in 2011, SayOne Technologies has earned its reputation as one of India’s best app development companies. The company offers mobile app development services for business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and enterprise mobile apps. It provides a wide range of software products to cater to your specific needs.

Having worked with startups and enterprises alike, SayOne Technologies offers expert advice on building high-quality apps customized to fulfill your business needs. Their services include feasibility studies, mobile application architecture & design, software integration & testing, project management & support post-launch, and mobile web services.

21. Quytech


With more than 500+ development projects completed to date, Quytech is one of most leading companies providing dedicated mobile app development services to its clients. Its rich experience in launching innovative & world-class native & cross-platform applications helps it deliver quality results.

The company delivers reliable, high-performance mobile app solutions on time within defined budgets. It takes care of every aspect during different stages of development, be it design, product, or testing. Moreover, it also offers 24/7 support to all its clients through a 100% dedicated team of Q.A. engineers and Q.S. engineers to analyze bugs and issues thoroughly.

22. The NineHertz

The NineHertz

Founded in 2008, The NineHertz is a global mobile technology solutions company specializing in designing and developing revolutionary iOS, Android, and HTML5 apps. NineHertz also develops custom software solutions using Cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure.

They have worked with top firms, including Air Asia, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, among others. With 500+ leading brands on their client roster, they are one of India’s leading mobile app development companies.

23. Emizen Tech

Emizen Tech

Founded in 2013, Emizen has grown to be a global company with over 250 employees and more than five offices worldwide. Their primary focus is on creating app development tools and providing web-based applications through their specialized platform. However, they also offer various other I.T. services such as website design and digital marketing.

To date, they have created products ranging from games to enterprise-level solutions. Some of their more notable clients include Ego Shoes, Shear Auto, and many others. With so much success at both an internal and client level, it’s no wonder that Emizen gets counted among the best mobile app development companies.

24. Intelivita

Mobile app development company in India- Intelivita

Intelivita is an Indian company that offers a wide range of services, including mobile app development, end-to-end web solutions, etc. It has been around since 2014 and has over 250 employees and offices across India & U.K. The customer list of Intelivita includes Microsoft, ITV, Toxic Fox, Savvy, Zinc Media, Tideway, CluedUpp, and other big names.

25. Geeky Ants

Geeky Ants

If you’re looking to build an app used on mobile devices, look no further than Geeky Ants.  Founded by a team of passionate software engineers, Geeky Ants has developed high-performing apps for 16+ years.

Because they use native technology, their apps work faster and more efficiently than most non-native alternatives. It’s no wonder that businesses trust them for custom mobile application development—not just because they offer competitive pricing but because they do deliver high-quality results.

26. OpenXcell

Mobile app development company in India- OpenXcell

Founded in 2008, OpenXcell is the leading mobile app development company in India. They have worked with various startups and established companies to develop iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry apps. Some of their big clients include Motorola, Unilever, and Google India. With over 250 employees spread across offices in the USA and India, they’re an international team capable of providing services to businesses based anywhere in the world.

27. RipenApps


A one-stop solution for all mobile app needs, RipenApps is a leader in building cross-platform solutions. It has a diversified team of over 100 developers and has recently expanded its operations to Dubai and the USA. If you want highly customized apps with fabulous designs for your business, look no further than RipenApps.

28. Spec India

Mobile app development company in India- Spec India

Spec India has been providing software solution apps for more than three decades. Their clients include Hitachi Limited, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Adani Limited, and many more. With experienced developers and a hard-working management team, Spec India is a name you can trust for quality app development services at affordable rates.

29. Octal I.T. Solution

Octal I.T. Solution

Octal I.T. Solution is a technology solutions company specializing in mobile app development, web application development, mobile website development, mobile desktop application, and cloud computing. They have a team of highly skilled software developers who use their expertise to create customized applications that meet your business needs.

Their agile app development methodology enables them to work closely with clients from concept to completion. It helps to ensure you get what you want from your project, on time and within budget.

30. SoluLab

Mobile app development company in India- SoluLab

With 16+ of experience, SoluLab is a renowned company with mobile app development, I.T. consulting, and digital marketing expertise. The company’s portfolio features solutions for clients across diverse industries, including FMCG, retail, entertainment, and more. 

SoluLab has won the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 fastest growing technology companies several times. Their website showcases great case studies outlining some of their most successful projects.


No matter which mobile app company you choose from this list, you can be assured of high-quality services and solutions as these are well-experienced in the field and have developed a good reputation over time. However, you can go as per the order of the list in order to get a better understanding of the top mobile app development company in India offering the best balance between quality and costs.

I hope this list of the best mobile app development companies in India would give you better clarity for selecting the perfect partner for the mobile app development needs of your business. Feel free to voice your opinions. If you think there are other companies suitable to be added to the list, do let me know. I’ll look at your suggestions, then examine them as per my research parameters and make the decision accordingly.

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