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Since the advent of the Internet, websites have always claimed their presence in one way or the other. They are one of the primary mediums to tie a communication thread between the visitors and the website owners. Time is the biggest constraint and with the ever growing increase in the competition, it has become a necessity to come up with websites that are unexceptional in their own ways, professional yet classy, and more importantly, usable.

Technology has always helped to ease one’s task and wherein, websites have already become an indispensable part and are important to leverage the profits of a global economy, various web design tools available in the industry have made the work of the web designers much more easier. This is to avail you with one of the best web design tools that have always helped designers to a great extent—

FireBug: This tool is available for free and to the Firefox browser only. The CSS editing, Javascript debugging and analysis are some of the features that have led this too as one of tool in the priority list of the designers.

Dreamweaver: Live View that helps preview the source code, workflow option, and syntax highlighting and built-in FTP client are some of the features that accompany this web design tool. The most striking feature is that it can be integrated with Photoshop and compatible with Windows and Mac.

Adobe Photoshop: A graphic editor that has been able to gain the highest popularity and many users across the Industry. This application allows the room for exploring the art wherein you can manipulate photographs, images, and make changes according to the needs and requirements of the designer.

Adobe Fireworks: Used in both the Mac and Windows, slicing that is made use in creating prototypes help making the web layout the simplest thing to do.

Panic Coda: For Mac OS X operating system, Panic Coda uses tabbed interfaces allowing CSS and editing and makes it a share ware web development application. It is used for text editing, CSS, SVN and the other advanced features.

Rounded Corner: This tool is used to generate a box with rounded corners and the basic HTML codes to put the similar corners to the content as well.

Blueprint CSS Framework: A grid that is easy-to-use, typography that is web safe, plugins, and even a stylesheet that is used for printing are the features that are embedded in the framework.

Easy Web Form Builder: It helps to build any type of online form that helps businesses and organisations to collect data.

The list does not end here. There are n number of applications that are useful in web designing. You cannot encapsulate website designing in a nut shell. It has a lot of areas wherein it includes graphics, text, design, menus, navigation, fonts, application, functionality, and other sections as well. And, the web industry and the professionals have come up with the lot of useful tools, which has made the work easier and have worked as adding on to a different touch to the website.

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