Trends And Challenges In Web Application Development

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The web world is expanding speedily with the growing number of the internet users across the world. With the growing importance of the web media, the expectations and aspirations are also growing. Businesses now intend to gain more results from their investment in the web application development, and this is bringing more challenges while outsourcing web application development.

And not to forget that the results on the web are more measurable than any other medium. All these are bringing new challenges for the digital agencies and are also influencing the web application development trends in a significant manner.

Here are some common trends and challenges:

1. Applications are becoming more sophisticated:

Today, the focus is on to develop feature-rich applications that can bring quick results. This is forcing companies to create more sophisticated applications. This is the reason why the application development now demands more technical complexity and the focus is more on developing mobile-friendly applications.

2. Higher Development Cost:

The need for developing more complex applications is shifting the development cost northward. Moreover, more sophisticated developments require more time that ultimately raises the project cost.

3. More emphasis on web technologies:

Nothing to say that web technologies are changing almost on a daily basis. New frameworks, software updates, new version release etc events are greatly influencing the web application development arena.

The world of Web has changed a lot and come a long, long way in the last few years. The way we develop Web apps has changed a lot – A lot. We now have new technologies and those tools have completely changed the concept of the developing new and innovative Web apps. And it is always updated. To read more : Best Web Technologies for 2015 


And with this, developers are under tremendous pressure to update their knowledge and grasp the new technologies.

How to overcome these challenges?

Challenges are always there and one needs to find ways to overcome those challenges. Companies can try these techniques to be more efficient while trying to build result-driven web applications:

1.The development team needs to optimize the process of software delivery by breaking down the entire project into small tasks and assigning each task to small groups within the team. The focus should be on to minimize the project delay and keep the cost to a manageable level. Developers need to gain more proficiency in the JavaScript, which is the future of the web technology.

2.It’s essential for developers to update their knowledge frequently and get to learn the modern web technologies.

3.The focus should always be on the quality, may be at the cost of time and money. A high-end application can bring more results and ultimately brings the appreciation for the development team. The project cost becomes non-relevant in the long run, if the application is generating pleasant results.

Most important factors to keep in mind while searching for a web technology provider

Today, for any business, getting a web application is an important need that it can never afford to ignore. Not having a website or web/mobile applications may mean the business is losing clients to its competitors.

However, in order to get the best web application, a business needs to find a web technology provider. Many businesses would be clueless about choosing a web technology provider, and the following pointers could prove an important guiding source for them:

1. The Technology :

As a business, you could be more sensible if you invest in the latest technology. Make sure, you are purchasing an application or a solution that has been built using the latest technology.

2. The Overall Cost :

Not only the costs of the solution, but you need to learn about the license cost, if any, and several other costs that you may have to incur to adopt the solution.

3. Ease of Use :

The application or the solution must be user friendly. It’s not like that you need to hire a whole IT team and spend on their training so that they gain some efficiency to run the application.

4. Technical Support :

It’s a well-known fact that an application or a solution may develop a snag in the future. What kind of technical support the company is offering. If you want your application to remain up and running all the time, you need to choose a technology partner company that provides 24/7 support.

5. Training & Consultancy :

Will they provide technical training to your staff who will be responsible for the running and maintenance of the application? Do they provide consultancy when you need to learn about ways to optimize the performance of the application. These are some important questions for you to ask from the company before choosing it as your technology partner.

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