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Drupal 7.0- One Step Closer to its Release

Drupal 7.0- One Step Closer to its Release
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All Drupal developers and Drupal lovers, who are eagerly waiting for the release of Drupal-7, they need to wait a bit more. You may get to see Drupal-7 by the end of June 2010, but that depends how soon the remaining critical bugs can be detected and fixed from its 4th Alpha release.

Along with this release a note has also been released which prohibits any wish from user, to use this alpha version for production of any web property. The note also states that there are still some unresolved security issues and few problems which have not been reported so far.

The 5th Alpha release has been scheduled for 21st May 2010 and if everything works well with all security issues fixed and working upgraded path then it in itself will be the beta version, other wise one more alpha version, i.e. 6th Alpha version will be released followed by at least one candidate, before Drupal-7.0 is finalized.

The critical bugs which have been fixed in 4th Alpha release:

•    Documentation for hooks, which were missing earlier, has now been documented.
•    Usability improvements
•    Colour modules can now be used by other themes as well. Earlier it was being used by Garland (theme) only.
•    Improvements have been made to make migration faster.
•    Many smaller bugs and security measures have been fixed.

What new will Drupal-7 have?

The new Drupal-7 is packed with some very enhanced and improved functions and additional functionalities. There have been some major improvements in usability, security and performance.

For more information, click here.

What will be the system requirement to run Drupal-7?

Minimum System Requirement for Drupal-7
•    Database: MySQL 5.0.15 or PostgreSQL 8.3
•    PHP Version 5.2
•    PHP Memory: 32M – 64M

For complete list, please click here.

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