Selecting a dedicated team has become a tedious task. The main reason being an increase in the number of companies offering developers, be it good ones or bad ones. All the companies claim to be the best which increases confusion. All good companies adhere to three parameters: Expertise, Trust, and Authenticity to serve its customers at its best.   

Moreover, the client should have a complete idea about what a dedicated developer team is. Also, the client should be aware of all the related questions before getting into hiring.

After doing a lot of research & brainstorming, I have created a questionnaire that you should look at, just to make sure that you select the best developer team for your software development project.      

So, here are the questions!

  • What is a dedicated development team? hire a Dedicated development team

It is a team that you can hire for your project and it will work exclusively on your project. An interesting thing is that you can select each member of this team yourself.

  • When to consider a dedicated team model? dedicated development team

Every staffing decision has its proper timing, so how to know whether it is a good time to hire a dedicated developer? 

Here are some signs that ensure that you require one:           

Talent Shortage

Many businesses still resort to the old school procedure- hiring in house. They like having a team which is in direct control, communicating and coordinating all project tasks in no time personally, and generally keeping their hand on the pulse of the product creation.   

But when you start looking for new employees, you realize that there are no suitable professionals in your region- either by technology or by pay rate. Hence, instead of making concessions and changing your product’s technical specifications to fit the available local talent, you may look for ideal matches in terms of expertise and tech stack elsewhere. 

Budgetary limitations

Another major cause for hiring dedicated staff is your wish to keep the budget for your software project down to a minimum. There may be several reasons for that:

  • You are just starting out and have to launch a new project without draining your financial resources 
  • Local development rates are generally too costly for your company’s current profitability level 

Lack of Industry expertise

In the present time, the tech market is booming with new hype technologies and your market  

Success often depends on how well you embrace new emerging opportunities. Hence, it is quite important to search for a developer that has specialized in the latest technology and able to give you outstanding results on the project. 

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  • Which country is suitable for setting up a dedicated team? benefits of dedicated development team

Select the country in which it will be comfortable for your business to operate.  

Take time zones into account.

The in house and dedicated teams should have at least a couple of hours of working time overlap to organize online communication. If you are OK with minimal time overlaps, go for offshore outsourcing, while achieving a greater time overlap is possible if you select nearshore outsourcing.             

Mind the distance.

It matters much for some companies. If you plan to visit your dedicated team on a regular basis or if the team members have to attend the headquarters every now and then, it’s better to have a remote team nearby or at least in a location 

Study the pricing.

Think of your budget- which dedicated team you can afford. But do not pay more attention to lower costs as they often come with hidden costs or a quality compromise.  

Look at average developer rates across your outsourcing destination country just to make sure that you do not pay unreasonable extras or not to fail a job search process because of a too low salary offer. 

Moreover, do not forget about the pricing structure- when hiring a dedicated team, you pay not only the developer’s salary but also the vendor’s service fee. 

Legal aspects matter.

Find out a country for a dedicated team with which you have no legal frictions. For example, US firms work with European ones without a problem if both have a VAT number. 

Going for a remote team in your country is associated with higher expenditure as the tax deductions will be considered more. 

Political climate.

In the end, it is important to consider the political relationship between your home country and the dedicated team’s country. Check whether there are any sanctions, any hostility or any potential conflict. 

Think of banking issues in advance.

There are some countries that do not accept PayPal for financial transfers. Hence, you require to plan some other payment method for such transfers.   

Consider the labor market.

It is always a must to do some research and examine the talent pool available in the target outsourcing location. Moreover, you should pay attention to the quality and level of the candidates’ education in that location in order to become sure that the dedicated team will grow sustainably with new worthy talent added on demand.         

  • What are the main advantages that one gets from hiring a dedicated team?

The first one is that you get a chance to work with dedicated and skilled developers. Another one is that you get total control over the development process. Moreover, hiring a dedicated team guarantees Quality Assurance and Risk Minimization.   

  • What is the main difference between hiring developers and the hiring team?

When you hire developers, you select individuals. It means that you take care of their work. You have to give each of them tasks individually and they will provide you with the reports regarding the development process. 

And when you hire a group of people, you select a whole team with team leaders and developers. In such a case, the team leader is accountable for resources management, entire project development and reporting to the client. 

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  • How long does a dedicated team to start working on the client’s project? 

Usually, it takes from 2 to 6 weeks to start the cooperation with a dream team of the best programmers!

IT outsourcing companies perform extremely effective recruitment process that allows them to hire the best talents and build teams dedicated to client’s requirements. They need time to form a dedicated team of developers with suitable skills for a client’s project. From the very first day, they assign one of our Scrum Masters to the project so that the client can be sure that everything works effectively and the team is formed properly. 

  • How to stay connected with the offshore dedicated team?

Software outsourcing firms allow you to stay in touch with your dedicated team through email, phone, instant messengers or any other mode of your preference. 

  • What does a full time dedicated hiring model involve?

In full time dedicated hiring model, the offshore team is dedicated to you and works exclusively on your projects against a fixed monthly payment. 

  • The developers you hire work for 8hrs a day and 40 hours a week
  • A minimum of 160hrs or more of production per month from each individual
  • An offshore dedicated team will work from 10.00 AM to 7:00 PM (GMT +5.30) at the development center


So, these were the questions that one should keep in mind while searching for a dedicated developer team. Until you know the benefits behind hiring a dedicated team, you will not be able to hire a dedicated team effectively. 

This questionnaire focuses on providing you the complete information about a dedicated team. This list of questions is the result of the effort that we put for you. We are quite happy to present it to you people (entrepreneurs)!

There are various software development companies that offer you a dedicated developer team. You can easily contact them through the mobile number or emails mentioned on their website. They reply almost instantly. 

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