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Launching your intranet? Make things too right to go wrong!

Launching your intranet? Make things too right to go wrong!
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Intranet and organization have developed an umbilical relationship with each other in the past few years. The former amazingly paves the way for the latter, offering much more than a handful of benefits – like building a robust enterprise network, saving time and cost, easing workflow and management, enhancing collaboration… But all your efforts in launching an intranet for your company might go in vain if you don’t take care of the following things:

What can be first and foremost…

No, it’s not what you will do with your intranet in future. It’s about present; it’s about cross-checking your intranet’s functionality. Yes, if you don’t want (and who does) your launch day to be a gloomy one, reviewing everything would be the best idea. And obviously, you can’t do it alone if you don’t have hands-on experience and expertise in this technology. So, co-ordinate with your IT department and intranet service provider and vet if all is well – and if it’s not, get it fixed right there, right then.

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Buck up for the launch day – it’s going to be great!

Once you’re rest assured that your intranet is working perfectly, it’s time to make some arrangements for the launch day. You can have a small get-together in which you can organize a couple of fun events (having prizes as well will make them more intriguing and successful) and arrange tea and snacks. The events can be about giving an amazing name to your intranet etc. This will enable you to sow the seed of interest for the intranet in your employees and to also uplift their morale. And yes, don’t forget to share the party photos through your intranet only.

After the launch, don’t sit idle!

After hiring a new employee, do you sit idle and let them be their own master? Obviously you don’t! You keep them under probation for a few months or might be a year, you take feedback from their team, reporting manager. You want to know everything are they professional, are they efficient, do they produce quality work, how do they behave with their colleagues – and a sea of other things. Then why would you let your intranet go away just like that?

Analyze the intranet’s performance for a few months, take feedback from your employees, listen to them – what do they find amazing about it and what are the value additions that can be done? Make a list of the good points and bad ones and improvise the intranet accordingly.

What’s inside?

Indeed, this could be the first thing to discuss on this topic. But it was deliberate. Here, we would show you how our intranet looks like – and how yours should too, though it ultimately depends upon your nature of business.

From the mail access to ebooks, from holiday information to extension list, from help support to local dump (where we share images and do many more things) etc etc. There at the top you can see thought of the day section – we often let our employees to speak their minds there. It’s fun and we all love to be a part of it.

What you are now seeing, however, was not something we got immediately when we built our intranet. It has been improvised time and again – and we’re ever ready to improve it further.


We hope we’ve covered all the three areas – before, during and after – when it comes to intranet launch. If you want to share your experience with intranet, our comment section is all ready.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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  • I like this post. I think its realy useful information.

  • Diah Abida

    Having intranet is a good way to build and maintain camaraderie among employees. Great post, this is helpful.