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With the online competition getting fierce day-by-day there has emerged a need for the web designers to make their website more of its worth. Usability is something which reflects how easy your website is to be used by the visitors. It shows the level of accessibility of your website and serves a sole purpose to provide visitors what they want and when they want. Moreover, it also affects the chances of turning your visitors into customers and a good usability ensures greater number of return visitors for your website.

To meet the multi-variate demands of business, clients often opt for custom web design and development. Designers must pay attention towards designing meaningful web pages with an objective to serve their customers need. Some of the designers think that usability is a much costlier aspect to be considered by the small businesses. Its true that many multinational companies do extensive research on usability but the fact which exists is; you can also increase usability of your website with some general but important rules, which should not be ignored at any cost. This article will help you to give some useful suggestions to improve your usability.

Always provide A Tagline

Providing your website with a tagline reflects the motto or the objective of your business and creates an impression on the visitor when he visits for the first time. An effective and clear tagline will help you to attract more visitors and shows how confident are you regarding your business. As it is said that; First impression is the last impression, therefore, providing your website with a suitable and appealing tagline pave the way towards success.

Add Navigation to Product Categories

If your business is offering a wide variety of products then it is always considered better to make space in your web design layout for navigation in the product categories which allows your visitors to browse products on the basis of price, name and date added. This point is in special reference to E-Commerce web development and designing. Generally it happens that, if a visitor finds himself unable to search for the products, he diverts to another site without taking anytime. So, you can lose your potential customers if they don’t find easy access to your products.

Test Your Usability at Early Stage

The usability of your web design should be checked early by using low-fidelity prototypes. Do not wait till the end when it becomes too late rather it is more better to know the technology limitations, identify and optimize for target browsers and user hardware by testing HTML, Javascript etc. for better compatibility.

Well Structured Typography

Typography is one of the most important aspects in designing a website. You don’t need to master creating your own font or how to display individual custom letters in digital text. However, as a designer, holding a basic understanding and structured use of typography can work wonders in improving the usability of your website.

Wide Use of Graphics

Your idea should be to create a good looking website but in order to serve this purpose most of the designer use too much graphics in their design that it looks creepy. Decorating it with extensive graphics can create a bad impression on the visitor’s mind and he would never dare to visit such website.

Analysis of Traffic

By using a stats package, you can monitor the traffic of your website. It allows you to evaluate the overall visitors and their activities while visiting your website. You can keep a track of how many visitors visited which pages of your website and for how long. Therefore, it helps to focus on your weaknesses and build a better strategy for the future.

Create Scannable Web Pages

It has been proved by various survey reports that online visitors do not read your full content, instead they just scan it and try to look for titles, bold emphasized texts which they think is important for them. So, its always empirical to create scannable web pages to allow your visitors search for suitable content.

Provide Necessary Feedback

Providing feedback on your website enables your visitors to let them know what is going on your site and it helps you also to evaluate the performance of your website on the basis of feedback provided on it. It acts as communication channel between you and your visitors and generates a confidence in them. Since CMS web design is in huge trend these days. CMS offers multiple opportunities to faciliate the users on giving feedback or sharing the information within its network.

Make Check-outs an Easy Game

You will be little surprised to know that almost 60 to 65% of the visitors abandon their shopping cart due to the hectic checkouts. This is becoming the most serious problem while turning your potential customers into the real one. But you can sort this problem out by making your checkout process a simple and easy option for your visitors. Try to use only one or two pages and ask only that information which is really necessary for you. All the user-friendly features are already included in the most popular E-Commerce platforms as for instance, magento development is picking up huge demand from corporates side.

So, these are some of those points which, if given due importance by you, can make a huge difference in increasing the usability of your website. Therefore, try to keep things simple and short and allow your visitors to take an amusing experience with them by visiting your website.

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  2. Great tips on usability, I’d also add its really important to do some user testing. It’s amazing how much you can learn from watching somebody use the website, a good usability test can be priceless

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