Vue.js vs React: Which is Best?

vuejs vs reactjs

Vue.js vs React | Vue.js or React: Which is best?

JavaScript has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years and many top technology consulting companies are getting the benefits of it. There are a plethora of JavaScript languages and frameworks coming up each and every day and tech companies can’t use all of them. Because it is a very difficult decision to choose those frameworks who are worth using.


The JavaScript is being adopted by various custom software development companies at a rapid pace. So, the tech companies cannot afford to overlook the top 2 most used JavaScript framework of this century- Vue.js and ReactJS.

Is Vue better than React? Let’s find out in this video


In this post, we are going to compare both Vue.js and ReactJS, to help you in selecting the best JavaScript web development framework on the basis of pros and cons of both frameworks, along with their respective market trends and usage statistics.

There are thousands of skilled developers for both the JavaScript frameworks who keep updating themselves according to various aspects of VueJS and ReactJS development services.

Before going any further, you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of what Vue.js and ReactJS frameworks are.

Vue.js vs React | Vue.js or React: Which is best?

What is ReactJS and Why it is Popular?

ReactJS was built by developers at Facebook and makes it very easy to build new and interactive user interfaces.  If you want to learn React, there are many free resources for you.

  • It is Not an MVC Framework

There are so many MVC based JavaScript frameworks which are doing a good job in terms performance and reliability. Why is ReactJS has become so popular? Why developers prefer using ReactJS instead of any other MVC based JavaScript framework.

ReactJS is a JavaScript library used for creating attractive and reusable user interface components. Developers and Programmers can easily create reusable user interfaces by breaking these into components instead of using HTML with the help of ReactJS.

  • Learn it Once, Write Anywhere

The official features of ReactJS are mentioned on its website which says that developers can build new mobile apps in JavaScript using ReactJS library.

ReactJS currently uses JavaScript, XML, or JSX i.e. an extension to the syntax in JavaScript. ReactJS it doesn’t use JSX in a full-fledged manner but it easily helps in the creation of new UI components and debugging.

  • Companies Using ReactJS

Some of the top web development companies which are using ReactJS are Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Yahoo, New York Times, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

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What is VueJS and Why it is Popular?

Vue.js is one of the most popular open source JavaScript framework which is capable of developing single page applications. VueJS also works as a web application framework with the purpose to simplify the web application development. Application development in VueJS got huge attention from developers worldwide for developing new web applications.

There are a various number of reasons for the popularity of Vue.js development services and one of the important is its ability to render again without any action. It also allows developing small, reusable, and robust components. Therefore, it is a composable framework which allows you to add components when required.

Vue.js vs React | Vue.js or React: Which is best?

  • Companies Using Vue

Some of the top companies who are usingVue.js are Xiaomi, Alibaba, Gitlab, Grammarly, Adobe, and Netflix.

Who Wins the Battle: VueJS vs ReactJS

Some of the similarities between these two frameworks are as follows:

  • Both these frameworks are created to work with root libraries
  • Both frameworks use component-based structure
  • ReactJS and VueJS are based on virtual DOM model

There are lots of differences between both the JavaScript frameworks. Each framework has its own pros and cons to consider. Here are all the pros and cons of both the frameworks.

Pros of ReactJS Library

Here are the pros of using ReactJS library:

  • React.JS comes with a high level of flexibility and responsiveness
  • Migrating from one version to another version in ReactJS is very easy
  • ReactJS is a 100% open source library which gets daily updates and improvements because of the contributions made by the developers worldwide.
  • Virtual DOM in ReactJS allows arranging the documents in HTML, XML, and XHTML format in a tree where it is accepted by web browsers when parsing different types of elements in a web app
  • ReactJS syntax is easy to learn for developers who have the knowledge about coding in HTML. This one of the point which makes ReactJS ahead ofVue.js.

Cons of ReactJS Library   

Here are the cons of using ReactJS library:

  • The lack of proper documentation is one of the biggest con of ReactJS
  • The learnability scale of ReactJS is on the higher side, meaning that developers take time to understand the environment of ReactJS

Pros of Vue.js

Here are the pros of using Vue.js:

  • Vue.js is very helpful when it comes to developing reusable templates with no extra time needed
  • Vue.js can be used for developing a single web page and complex web pages for the web applications
  • Vue.js offers to switch between different frameworks because of its similarity between AngularJS and ReactJS in terms of design and architecture
  • Vue.js has a lot of features similar to AngularJS, which allows optimization of HTML blocks handling with the help of different components
  • The documentation of VueJS makes it easier for developers to understand the framework

Cons of Vue

Here are the cons of using Vue.js:

  • There are integration issues of this framework when it comes to handling big projects, which becomes more important when there is no possible solution
  • A great amount of documentation of VueJS is written in Mandarin, which makes it difficult for developers to read it
  • Vue.js has a small amount of market share compared to ReactJS or AngularJS, meaning that sharing knowledge is in the initial phase

Final Note

Whether you choose to work on ReactJS or VueJS, both the frameworks have a little difference between them and the final decision is highly based on the requirements of your project. If you want to integrate JavaScript framework into your existing application then Vue.js is the best choice and if you want to create new mobile apps using JavaScript, then ReactJS is the best option to choose.

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