Web on the Cell and Importance of XHTML

Cellphones are the new face of the web. Getting the Internet into cell phones proved a smart idea and today the number of users that browse websites on phones has risen considerably. Thanks to technology that now we can access the net with that little thing on our palms. The prime reason for the Internet over Cellphone popularity is the wireless mobility that it offers. All we need is an Internet connection (offered by both service provider and cell phone manufacturer) and the World Wide Web is in our hands.

XHTML plays an important role here. While coding any website, the programmers keep the website compatibility in mind. There is however a special XHTML language version for cellphones called XHTML-MP (Mobile Profile). However, many phones that have built-in browsers go just fine with XHTML alone. Systematized, hand written, table-less XHTML coding perfectly supports the browsers at cell phones.

Earlier, WML was the primary markup language for mobile web. Well that was way back. Today, XHTML is preferred over WML and works fine with cell phones.

So while doing XHTML, compatibility issue is not the only concern for browsers in PC or laptop. It also occurs for browsers in cell phones. But this again would depend on the target audience. For instance, if you are an online jewelery vendor, chances are high that your target audience uses 3G phones that have in-built browsers. This defines the need for pixel perfect website designing, adhering to all the XHTML rules.

This doesn’t mean that a large scaled business needs professional XHTML and a medium scaled doesn’t. Businesses are always long-term. What seems today a small scaled business enterprise might become a medium scaled business tomorrow and a large scaled business the day after. This would certainly change your target audience from an economically stable to a high-class privileged group. Professional XHTML thus becomes mandatory for all business websites that intend to stay in the market for long.

Thus, as long as there is web on the cell (the journey has just begun, and yet to go miles ahead), the need of XHTML cannot be negated.

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