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API Management and Business Promotion: Some Important Strategies

API Management and Business Promotion: Some Important Strategies
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In this age of modern technology, API is a very important and useful strategy for promoting business. APIs’ importance are increasing day by day in the international business and marketing sector, hence their creation, development and management require huge concern so that they may give their best service for enterprises and customers as well.

What is API
An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming protocols, standards, commands and tools for building and accessing web based software applications or Web tool. A software company introduces its API to enable other software developers design products that are compatible to be directed by its service.

In API, no user intervention or knowledge is required. Hence it is not a user interface. Rather it is a software-to-software interface. It demonstrates how some specific software components interact with each other. Without any user knowledge or intervention, applications can work together quite effectively and efficiently. When you buy tickets of a theater or any public transport online and provide your credit card information, the ticket Web site uses an API for the well managed accomplishment of the entire procedure. It sends your credit card information to a remote application that confirming the validation of your provided information. Once payment is ascertained, the remote application sends a response back to the ticket Web site giving a green signal to issue the tickets.

API Management
API management consists of the tools for creating, proxying, assembling, securing, scaling and socializing web APIs and performs the process of publishing, upholding and supervision of application programming interface (APIs) in a safe, scalable setting. The formation of end user support resources that characterize and document the API is also included here.

The goal of API management is to allow an organization that publishes an API to monitor the interface’s lifecycle and make sure the needs of developers and applications using the API are being met.

API management software tools typically provide the following functions:

  • Mechanize and fix connections between an API and the applications that use it.
  • Secure, scale and regulate access to APIs.
  • Scrutinize traffic from individual apps.
  • Ensure uniformity between manifold API versions.
  • Motivate innovation by building a community that attracts developers, entrepreneurs, and partners
  • Provide memory management and caching mechanisms to improve application performance.
  • Safeguard the API from maltreatment by incorporating it in security procedures and policies.

API as a strategy for business promotion
Exploration of new Business models: The up gradation of marketing policies of different companies can be possible by extending and improving various web applications and services used by the customers. The current model of using web applications to reach customers is to be reinstated. A company might have millions of users and it is very common to get lost. API is a very effective technique in this regard to flight among the crowd and at the same time satisfying customers as well.  API offers a tempting prospect for brands to spend in the form of marketing budgets. Brands can partner with developing web companies to help them improve their understanding of consumers’ use of service and consumers’ changing perception of the brand.

Converting Competitors into Partners: Partnerships can definitely make companies stronger by developing bonding between them. The cross-selling to each other’s existing customers promote their business and income. You can turn your competitors into partners with the help of API by letting your partners influence the present potentials of your program and develop it by using their skill. This approach surely strikes duplicating the functionality of your base product and in response; they can get to your user base or open up new markets for you. This would incur less investment in software development from either side.

Expansion of footprint: API is an awesome tool for building on top of your product boosting its capabilities to a wider extent. It enables you to enter the markets and geographical extent where you could hardly enter due to resource and expertise constraint. An API assists you in improving the level and features of your product to suit a particular market and expands the economy of your product thereby.

Upholding of branding: The greatest benefit of using API is that brands have a wide range of variety of data to strengthen their marketing platform. They can get to know about customers’ interest, customers’ preferred mean of communication with their friends, keywords that cause them to take action.  The knowledge about users’ perception and interest help the brands to amend and modify their business to sustain in the market.

From the above discussion we can say that API management system can be a very useful factor for promoting your business if you can introduce it properly.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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