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Blog Customization – An All-Inclusive Guide for Superior Blogging

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Blogging is one of the most extensively done activities online and it has gained much popularity across people from different sections of society. If you have a blog, it is imperative to maintain it in a proper manner so that it appeals to even larger section of audience. Mentioned below are some tips for effective blog customization that will help you experience superior blogging and will ensure that you get an interactive and interesting website.

1. Header –

Header is one of those things that visitors notice first when they visit a website. Therefore, it is imperative to have a good header. You can make your header unique and different by adding different elements to it depending on your niche. For example, if you are a writer then you can add a couple of images of books or any content written by you. Under the header you should give the customized links to different sections of your site. This lends a touch of uniqueness and appeal to your blog.

2. Slider –

The importance of having a good slider can not be ignored. An attractive slider on your homepage serves the important purpose of adding more visual appeal to your site. If you are quite selective about the look of your site, then you should look around and try to select a good and proper slider. You can buy them at sites like uBillboard where you can get a good enough slider for around $20. it is completely customizable. One of the best things is that lets you to plug your newest tutorials.

3. Logo –

It is imperative to have a good and appealing logo for your site. A logo holds much importance and plays a pivotal role in establishing the brand image of your blog. You can be as creative with the logo design as you want. Just be careful that you do not end up having something too flashy. The best quality of a good logo is that it makes your site look more professional. You can have some relevant elements related to your niche in the logo. A logo can be bold and strong but ensure that the style and font is proper or else it will not be readable to the visitors.

4. SEO Smart Links –

When going for blog customization, SEO Smart Links is one plug-in that you must make use of. This plug-in  makes your task much simpler. You just have to assign keywords to different links and this plug-in will do the rest of the work. Your work becomes easier as you know your keywords and you can then start using them more often to provide links to your readers all over your site. This helps in improving bounce rate and page/visit ratio.

5. User Form –

One of the best ways to improve user interaction on your blog is to have a user form that allows your readers to share their views in their own content. This makes users feel that they are involved and also encourage others to share their content.

6. Image Slide Show –

By including an image slide show, you can easily get your point across. You can use a good plug-in with a smooth finish for this purpose. Slide shows effectively provide comparisons and ranges of images.

7. Popular Post Sidebar –

You can make your readers stay for a little while longer on your blog by including a post sidebar. You should include the relevant and most recent posts in the sidebar to attract your visitors. You can keep the sidebar as long as you want. Moreover, for sites having a lot of content, it is always better to have a longer sidebar.

8. About the Author –

You should make use of this useful plug-in to ensure that your readers are able to relate to you as a person. By including a little bit of personal information you can make your visitors interested in your blog.

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