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CakePHP – Best platform for building large scale web application

CakePHP – Best platform for building large scale web application
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Web developers all over the internet have opted CakePHP as the best framework for developing web applications that runs on diverse internet enabled services. For improving the performance you can also use some open source PHP tools.

Some of the best features of CakePHP have made it such a huge framework. Let’s go through them :-

1. MVC Pattern :-

It dynamically helps in saving the data connecting the queries to database. Data handling support diversely helps you in inserting, updating, deleting and reading the model class. It also supports the representation of data by letting the users to view their movement and growth of the work on the screen.

2. No laguage barrier :-

It offers an easiness to the developers for working in any language they want to. It doesn’t compel developers to work on the default language.

3. Object relation Mapping :-

ORM technique use by CakePHP is used to convert the incompatible data between the object oriented programming languages and databases. In simple terms it defines the validation, definitions and defining the callbacks of tables.

4. Limits the unnecessary effort of coding :-

Unlike other PHP frameworks, CakePHP assist developers in building large applications in a short time frame. So time spent in coding is reduced with the help of this framework.

5. Zero Configurations :-

It doesn’t requires to get auto-configured because most of its attributes and features are auto-detected. Developers are not needed to specify any location of the library or URL of any site. Just you have to take care of the connection strings.

6. Preferred framework of developers :-

If you are planning to build any web applications then you must first choose the framework which is updated and preferred by most of the developers. The range of developers starting from highly experienced and deft in this field to novices, all prefer CakePHP framework the most.

7. CRUD Scaffolding :-

CRUD stands for creating, reading, writing and updating. These are the mainstream activities of web applications. This provides an exceptional supportive technique which helps the developers in taking the view of the groundwork for a single line of code.

8. Secure and authorized :-

It is authorized with MIT licence which makes it commercially excellent. It also comes with CSRF protection , XSS prevention, SQL injection prevention and input validation.

Now outsourcing of business development project has increased for CakePHP framework.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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