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EcmaScript6 : The Future of JavaScript

EcmaScript6 : The Future of JavaScript
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Today, dynamicity has left nothing untouched, not even the lifeline of today – the software. Software industry is one of the very few industries that undergo unending changes and evolution with time. And the very basic reason behind this scenario is the development of more and more advanced software programming languages. These languages are either improved by adding more new features to the existing version or by developing an entirely new one and replacing the earlier one with it.

In such a dynamic scenario, some of the languages have managed to survive for long and are still doing great. One of such computer programming languages is JavaScript. Although the programmers throughout the world have immense options available to code their ideas and projects, but most of them go for JavaScript for its simplicity and great features. JavaScript is still in great demand by a significant section of software engineers working throughout the world for making it a better and comfortable place to live.

JavaScript is basically used for establishing interaction with the web browsers. Supported by almost all popular browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer (all versions above 3.0) and Safari, JavaScript is used everywhere from mobile web apps to front end web pages and almost everything in between.

JavaScript still has a great way to go

According to a programming language popularity ranking published this year by RedMonk, JavaScript is the most popular and heavily used language followed by Java, PHP, C# and Python. This proves the fact that in spite of multiple new options available presently, programmers still rely on JavaScript for coding high tech interactive web pages. Another survey reveals the fact that 88% of the total websites are designed by using JavaScript. Being the most versatile and effective programming language, JavaScript finds great usage in developing games, web applications and mobile sites apart from websites.

ES6– A feature worth introduction

Described above are the features of the language and its importance in a number of applications. Now a new aspect; a new code has been added to the language to make it more versatile. This is the ECMAScript6 of Java. This script introduces many new highlights into the already well developed language. Some of these are Arrow functions, the let and const statements, modules, named exports classes, generators, template strings, new statements such as map, sets, weakmap and weaksets. Promises are inclusive of all the other facets. This ES6 version of JavaScript is also known as “Harmony”.

The reasons behind its great inauguration

ES6 version of JavaScript has multiple features that will lead to its long survival and also contributes to the same today. Some of these features are listed below –

  • It supports Client-side Processing which means that the user’s processor is employed for executing the code instead of the web server. This reduces load on the server and saving the bandwidth.
  • The simple syntax and semantics of the language make it easier for the programmer to code a lengthy or difficult module.
  • It is an inexpensive language for it does not demand any special compilers and editors for code execution. Any text editor and a browser is enough for developing software products using this feature of JavaScript.
  • Like JavaScript, it can be used at the front end and as well as back end thus facilitates the developers in coding the entire product efficiently and quickly.
  • Websites designed by using this aspect of JavaScript do not require any special software and downloads for their processing. Most of the commonly used browsers have in built support for the same but others might need some improvements.

Above are some of the benefits that developers and users get with JavaScript. Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, You Tube, Google, etc. also use JavaScript. Senior developers at most celebrated software firms believe that JavaScript is the future of Internet and ES6 the future of JavaScript. The language is going to survive as long as people continue to use Internet. In near future, it is almost impossible to replace ES6 JavaScript.

A Smooth Transition to ECMAScript 6

We at,, have already geared up for ECMAScript 6 and our experienced developers have started working on the latest features. You can get in touch with us for ECMAScript 6 requirements.

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