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Learning Web Design: Top 10 Downloadable E-Books

Learning Web Design: Top 10 Downloadable E-Books
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Learning web designing has become the basic necessity of life. You cannot survive in this hi-tech world without learning web designing. If you are an IT professional or a freelancer, you need to learn some good techniques and tricks to make your space in the crowd. Hefty web designing books are quite costly. You can visit the nearest bookstore and you will know what we are saying. Nowadays even the paperbacks are hard to afford, if you were thinking only hardbacks are heavy on the pocket. Buying these expensive books is not a wise deal when you can learn all the techniques for free. Yes, you can get some awesome web designing books without spending a buck. All you need to know is the name of the book and the URL to download them from onto your hard drive. You do not need a lamp nor do you need a book marker. Simply download these books and read them when you are free and become a tech savvy pro. Here we are giving you some details about top 10 web designing books that can be downloaded.

1. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web

Image Source : KeepItSuitable

This outstanding book is all what you need to learn the technical details using typography. Starting from the history of typography, this book provides a complete reference manual to its reader. Now you can find the brand new version of the book online and can study about the typefaces and digital typography.

2. Getting Real


Getting Real

Image Source : BaseCamp – Static

This book is all-covered-in-one-go book. From basic to advanced levels, this book comprises of the information touching almost every corner of web designing. Agency 37Signals has written it with the perspective of learning-for-all. Extremely innovative, this book guides you superbly.

3. Designing For the Web

Designing For the Web

Image Source :  NeusBlog

Consisting of five sections, it is an outstanding book which gives complete information about typography, layout, and color with advanced techniques. You can download the complete book from the website.

4. Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design

Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design

Image Source : Amazon

How to overcome disabilities in the projects, tricks and tips to improve accessibility in web design, detailed guide about user-focused design module, this book by Shaun Henry is what you need today.

5. Learning Web Design

Learning Web Design

Image Source : DesignInstruct

A complete package of detailed analysis of web designing is present in this free eBook. Jennifer Niederst Robbins has written the book for beginners so that you can learn how a thing works and how can you carry it further.

6. Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

Image Source : CreativeBloq

It is not a hard to understand framework, this book is an easy guide. If you really want to test your design process, this is all you need.

7. How To Be Creative

How to Be creative

Image Source : CreativeBloq

‘Ignore everybody’, ‘keep you day job’, ‘put the hours in’, you can get these all and many other brilliant tips to improve your business in this outstanding guide.

8. HTML 5 Quick Learning Guide

HTML 5 Quick Learning Guide

Image Source :  BP BlogSpot

How to start with HTML 5? This book is a must for you. Starting from the beginner’s level, it is a complete guide for all the problems.

9. Design your Imagination

Design your Imagination

Image Source : NetDNA

This 28 chaptered book is a complete guide not only for beginners but for the pros as well. You can learn designing, process, and planning easily.

10. The Nature of Code

Nature Of Code

Image Source : Assets

Computer simulation of natural systems is all you will learn in the best possible manner through this remarkable book by Daniel Shiffman.

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