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Sharepoint Development Company Services

Sharepoint Development Company Services
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Launched in 2001, Sharepoint is a web application platform in Microsoft Office that collaborates various applications together. Sharepoint is usually used in various mid-sized and large business organizations. It enables the company to improve its productivity by providing a variety of solutions.

According to the benefits for the users, Sharepoint has multiple products, that a Sharepoint Development Company may provide services according to a company’s requirements. –

Free (Foundation)

Basic collaboration features like document libraries, calendars, workflows, the team sit etc are included in Sharepoint Foundation.

1. Document libraries are made to store document and files. One can enable the versioning of documents and use it to edit the documents as well.

2. Workflows are applied to the documents stored in libraries.

3. Calendars are used to keep track of meetings, processes, operations, etc. 

4. Teamsite act as a website that especially for a meeting, process, department, organization, etc.

Paid (Server)

Sharepoint server is an advanced paid product that, with features of SharePoint foundation, also include social computing, enterprise search, electronic forms, business intelligence and web content management.

Online (Office 365)

Increased use of cloud technology in organisations forced Microsoft to launch Office 365, a cloud version of Sharepoint, that includes all the features of Sharepoint Server.

SharePoint Designer

It’s a free program that is used to build workflow-enabled solutions. Based on Business Connectivity Services, for an external data solution, it can also be used to edit external content type.

Perfect communication between the CRM and ERP of an organisation is necessary. Companies using sharepoint always wants to surface their CRM and ERP data. Integrating ERP and CRM with Sharepoint require coding solutions on each end. Over the past decades, companies have invested a huge amount on implementing ERP to improve operational efficiencies in their organisation.

Sharepoint permits the organisation to streamline its processes and information by interoperating with their ERP systems. It enables the employees to work more collaboratively and improve business insight. ERP integration with Sharepoint leverage the existing ERP investment and benefit in low total cost with high ROI.

To continue the benefits of Sharepoint integration, one needs to manage it properly. For efficient regulation of the integration, one should visualize all the components of the system. Managers and the administrators should be given visibility over the processes and changes in it (if any), to track the whole system.

Sharepoint is a vast platform that help the organisation in many ways, and to use it more effectively, it is important to have a fine understanding of the major features of its products.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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