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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Dedicated Development Team
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There are many businesses who look for the outside development company for developing applications for the businesses. Businesses look at many different factors feedbacks, ratings and its review of a particular development company before they hire them.

Moreover, hiring the wrong development team can cost businesses both time and millions of money. In addition, many businesses do not survive while they are working with any bad development company. So there are times when businesses talks to many development companies and some of their applications are created wrongly.

In this blog post, we will discuss top 10 mistakes to avoid while hiring dedicated development team for creating a business application.

Mistake 1: Not Verifying Credentials Properly 

Businesses should never hire a dedicated development team without verifying their credentials properly. They should check their history properly by checking that how many web or mobile apps they have created and in how much time they deliver the end product. If the businesses like them, they should hire the development company for creating their business application.

Mistake 2. Not Taking Proper Interview of the Development Team

There are many businesses who just look at the reputation and name of the development company and doesn’t conduct any interview with that developer who is going to work on your project. Moreover, skill sets and experience of that development team play a huge role in the outcome of the business application development. In addition, if businesses directly communicate with the team it will help them to share their ideas and vision with them.

Mistake 3. Limiting Selection to Only Local Developers

Local developers are not bad but if businesses will narrow down its choices to local developers only then it would be considered as a huge mistake by the businesses. Businesses should always remember that they want a robust business application and they should openly consider the option to hire offshore dedicated development team as well.

Mistake 4. Interviewing Only One Development Company Only

Whenever the businesses are searching for development companies for the creation of their business applications. The businesses should not restrict themselves to only one development company or team only. They should ask the development companies to give their respective time-and-money quotation for the completion of their business application. Moreover, the businesses should analyze it and then select the best and feasible one out of all.

Mistake 5. You are Unconsciously Biased

While businesses start the hiring process for development companies they should avoid being unconsciously biased towards one particular development company or developers. Businesses should check the potential of each developer of the development team they want to hire for the creation of their business application. Moreover, skill-sets of the developers should be the criteria for businesses while they hire any development team.

Mistake 6. Hire A Company That Offers Development Service on Limited Technologies  

Businesses should look for development companies who are professionals in developing custom applications ranging from mobile applications, web applications, front-end, eCommerce, CMS etc. Moreover, the businesses should look for development companies who have expertise in developing custom web & mobile applications varying according to different platforms.

Mistake 7 Paying Only A Fixed Price

Any development company who is charging the fixed price for the creation of business custom application is not at all experienced with the complex projects. The fixed prices only work in some cases when the variables are fixed. Moreover, business should study and research about their project requirements properly as the price from an experienced good development company is not fixed and changes according to the requirements of the businesses.

Mistake 8. Spending Entire Money on Development only

There are 4 P’s in marketing Product, Pricing, Promotion, and Placement. If businesses spend more on the creation of business application then they won’t be able to market it properly. For that, businesses should set the right budget for spending on product creation, marketing and promotion of business application. Therefore, it would become difficult for them to manage if they don’t create a tight budget.

Mistake 9. Not Hiring Development Company by Consulting Technical Expert 

Before, businesses start the recruitment process to hire the development companies. Businesses should hire the technical person who can guide them about which development companies or developers they should hire and are good and can help them in categorizing the developers or development companies based on what technology they will use to create the business application for them.

Mistake 10. Craving only for Microsoft Products

There many businesses who do not use Microsoft products because they are quite expensive to afford for any small scale businesses. For such cases, businesses should hire those development companies or team who can also use other products and technologies other than Microsoft products.

Wrapping Up:

There are times when businesses hire the wrong development companies for the creation of their business application. They charge very heavily and it turns out to be a huge loss for the businesses. Therefore, as discussed above top 10 tips businesses should follow while they are hiring any development company or developer for creation of the custom business application.

Moreover, they should check feedback, ratings and budget and delivery time of the product before hiring such developers or development companies.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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  • We had once hired a person who was not capable enough and the company suffered really a great loss! One should actually check the background of the person before hiring.