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Have you heard that UX and UI are not in any way similar? They may be in close connection, cannot exist without each other, and are mutually penetrated, but they are definitely not similar concepts. Do you have the time to learn about the varied differences of UI and UX web design? Then this write-up will give you all the necessary details and help you understand all the differences pointwise.

UI vs UX

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You need to have detailed knowledge about both UI and UX if you want to become an expert web designer. The definitions may seem complicated, but they will assist you in understanding the concept in detail. We have added all the big points of differences below to help you in differentiating between UI and UX. So read on to understand the basic concept of UX VS UI.

The points of differences
These are the main points of differences defining the concepts of UX VS UI. First, we will take a look at UI.

1. UI is responsible for dealing certain elements of a service or product based user interfaces
2. The UX design heavily informs the design of a UI
3. UI decides how the websites look to visitors who log in almost every day
4. UI acts a vital part of the UX, but often it has been seen that most UXs have no connection with UIs
5. UI acts as a medium of communication, a point of interaction and an efficient tool between the system and the user
6. UI showcases the true beauty of the app or website it is being used on
7. UI showcases the true look of the user interface
8. The UI is the actual reversed mirror image of the site or app’s interface
9. UI shows you the way all the elements will appear on an application or website
10. UI is the only control panel that you can use to edit certain elements
11. UI is nothing but a bi-product of UX
12. UI is all about showcasing a valid output
13. A designer who works with UI has to focus completely on the improvement of the interface, which is often used on touch screen or with mouse and keyboard
14. UI comes with a stronger tactical nature
15. The entire concept of UI design is true and genuine, and is based mainly on the laws and rules of logic, architecture and typography
16. UI acts as a wonder point of interaction on multiple levels

UI vs UX

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Now we will take a look at the points pertaining to UX, that will properly define properly the entire concept of UX VS UI.
1. UX usually comprises of several disciplines, mainly belonging to architecture and industrial designs
2. UX designs are not influenced by any UI components
3. UX will prove the convenience provided by an application to the user
4. UX is responsible for dealing the experience provided when a user uses a service or product
5. UX is mainly the resultant effect of the indirect and direct interactions between users and brands
6. UX is solely responsible for the maintenance of the functionalities of a certain website
7. By improving the UI, the UX can quite easily be improved
8. UX is completely based on the emotions felt by the user when he or she sees the interface for the first time
9. UX makes a lasting impression on the minds of the users
The maintenance and upgradation of UX is mainly based on user experience
10. UX is what happens after the user has used a certain product or service
11. UX comes out from interaction with UIs
12. UX is much bigger than UI, being a mixture of usability, architecture and design
13. If you improve the user interface, you can improve the UX. But this is not the only special feature about UX – there are several other things
14. UX is a vital part of the HCI discourse. It showcases what a user actually feels from his or her perspective
These points must have helped you in understanding the core theory of the concept of UX VS UI.

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