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Understanding the different Landing Page Elements for Optimum Results

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The landing page plays a key role in determining the success or the failure of online marketing initiative of the business house. You may have the best of the advertisements channels, but if the landing page of the same is not very well developed and optimized for supreme performance, you would not really profit from the same advertisement channels.

Landing pages – Crucial for the success of business

Google Adwords, search engine and social media optimization etc. all are poignant tools to reveal your business and its undertakings to the entire world. But it is the landing page that determines the efficacy of the same channels. It is the first thing users will lay their eyes own, after clicking the keyword dealing with your website. In a way, the design of landing page has its impact on the entire website.

If the landing page is not well crafted, the users will not waste much time browsing through the rest of the web pages. They would simply click “Back” and soon will be off limits. Seeing the potential market which the internet provides, you really should not take chances with the landing pages.

In this write up, we have actually gone a step ahead and dissected the various elements of the landing page. Also we provide you with useful tips to design your landing page in such a way, that it contributes towards optimizing the performance of your website. Read on to know more.

Elements of the Landing Page.

A landing page has the below mentioned elements. Also are discussed what all you must consider in the same, in order to optimize the performance of the design pages.

1. A Nice and Captive Headline – To begin with, the main heading of the landing page has to be really impressive. It must have a direct connection with what head line or key phrase that you have used in Google Adwords etc.

2. A Secondary Headline – The main headline may be related to the Google Adwords etc, but the secondary headline deals with the content on the page. The website may have different pages, and whichever page you wish to use as the landing page, the secondary headline deals with the same.

3. Following Content – The secondary headline must be followed be a piece of content describing it, the business and services etc. Due attention must be paid while drafting the Follow Up content. If this content is found to contain grammatical errors etc, the users will lose their trust in the website and will not consider it further. The content must be crisp and smartly used.

4. Client’s testimonials – If you have worked for different clients in the past, ask your most cherished clients to oblige you a testimonials or a recommendation. You need to display the same in the landing page, in order to gain the trust of the users.

5. A nice call to action statement – Be at the best of your creativity, wit and humor and draft an impeccable call to action statement. However, instead of committing any blunders with the same, better be straight forward and professional. However if the nature of your website and business allows you to be witty and creative, do not shy away from being at the best of your creativity.

6. Call to action button – Believe it or not, call to action buttons do play an important reveal. Research and come up with the best title for your call to action button.

7. Linking – If you want the users vising your landing page to navigate further into the depths of your website, provide the links of various other pages in the landing page itself. However, do not suffocate the landing page with a lot of links. Provide a total of around 4 or 5 links, which would link the landing page to the rest of your pages of your website.

8. Image and Video – As humans we respond in a better way to the images or the videos, than we do to the written part. Thus include an impressive image or illustrative video in the landing page design to attract more visitors.

9. Always be above the fold – The landing page must end above the fold, without forcing the users to scroll down. Manage the data of the landing page accordingly.

10. Test and Verify – Landing pages offer A/B testing amongst others. Thus always test your landing page against various sample images, and content types etc. and make certain that the best of the given options are used in the same.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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