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UX, UI and Web Trends for 2015

UX, UI and Web Trends for 2015
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Internet is filled with the article predicting 2015 with different designing trends which are going to dominate the market. In regards to the designs I hate the trends. Trend define itself by its name “trendy”. No one remembers the gone things. For example: If in the present scenario we see a web 2.0 Website what will be the reaction. I guess not very good.

So, following trends just for the sake of presenting one self cool and trendy could be unwise. Rather, being an interactive designer one should be concerned with the one which are following and expanding itself in practice. These are the ones which are grounded with improving the usability and engagements for the user by hitting the end goals ultimately.

List of Design Trends:

1. Responsive Web Designs for Mobile:

It has been projected that by the end of 2014 mobile web usage will lead on the desktop web usage. But by the end of the year number back up this prediction. In America 91% of adults use Mobiles. On an average, Americans spends 8% of their day time staring at the screens of their phones.

This isn’t just an important factor found from the study that 57% of users do no recommend any company with poor mobile website. Which means, Responsive designs are not going away as they are continuous in growth of usage. And another important factor is that the mobile design must not be a secondary thought or just an adaption from the desktop site. Rather should be considered as important as the desktop. In the same way this must be a consideration for email designs as mobiles emails have separated itself from desktop email.

2. Trending Flat Designs :

Flat designs have develop in converse of Skeuomorphic ones. Skeuomorphic designs are just about creating a physical view for digital elements. But, flat designs are the revolt against these tactics of designs.
In all respect the trends tend to change continuously between the complex and the simple ones. The flat designs are not different in the aspect, it is just a trend which will fade one day. Flat designs are just about stripping the design into its simplest form.

3. Priority on Typography:

The evolvement of Web is continuous, so is the designing tools with new web Typography. Different font kits are available on reasonable costs with access to expanded beautiful Typography. It follow the same pattern as of technology, the price falls by the increasing usage.

4. Important role of UI Cards:

Card design UI is an efficient way to convey the message in con-sized format. These info-graphic cards help the visitor to get an immediate glance of the website. The small size of the cards helps in easy assimilation of responsive layouts. The best example for the Card UI is Pintrest. But while exploring the web you can find that this pattern is widely used.

5. Contextual UX:

UX is considered as a holy gail for user experience. The requirement of Contextual UX is the adaptive system fore the need of user based on the situation. The likes and dislikes of the user can be understood easily through marketing and real time customer interaction.

The trends and the advances which will occur in the upcoming year can not be really predicted. But the trending ideas that will benefit the overall user experience will be researched and shared.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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