In the present technology driven world, eCommerce website development has gained widespread acceptance and relevance. Instead of investing so much in the traditional ways of personal selling and promoting the products and services, corporate houses find it very relaxing and comforting to obtain a customized eCommerce website services and display their products and services effectively over the Internet medium. Besides, the reach of Internet is enormous and colossal.

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According to a recent survey, an average person spend four to 5 hours a day surfing through the Internet. People are today highly fascinated with the dynamic technology and find it very comforting to just order for the desired products and services, instead of wasting time and effort, stepping out of their comfort zone and buying them though physical means.

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However, for successful business venture in the virtual world, it is not enough to just have a website. Proper care has to be given before developing an eCommerce website, and then it should be strategically placed in the online web world to achieve long lasting results. Before finalizing the development of your ecommerce website, one must brainstorm and plan in order to exploit all the benefits of the eCommerce website services in the most optimum way.

Provided in this is the  list of all the essential features which your website must have. Read on to know more:

1. Precise Presentation

One of the behavioral point to be noted about the Internet users, is that their attention span is really low and they are easily distracted over the Internet. This makes it important for you as a store owner to present your online store in the most precise and to the point way. Include the necessary details, but do away with the chunks of information and unsolicited data.

Remember the three click rule. Your online store must be able to lead the customers to the ultimate payment options in a matter of three clicks. Anything more than that and you may have to sacrifice upon the flourishing business opportunities.

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2. Product Illustration 

As opposed to physical stores, the customers cannot view, touch or hold the products offered in your online store. Thus its imperative for you to present your products in the best possible way.

The choice of the eCommerce platform pays an important role in that. One of the widely used technologies for developing eCommerce websites– magento ecommerce website development provides you with amazing options to showcase the products on your website.

It allows you to display multiple pictures of a single product and also allows zoom in and zoom out to let the users have a careful look at your products. And just another information in the same regard, use professional help to optimize the images for the search engines, and make sure that the excess of images do not make the website bulky in size as that will affect the performance of the website and may encourage Internet users to abandon your ecommerce portal.

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3. Easy payment options without too many questions 

One of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment by the Internet users is that while paying, the online store solicits too many details. Although from the point of view of the online store owners it is quite beneficial to know about the behavior and preferences of the buyers and that is the reason behind soliciting so many details, But it is discouraging for the users to entertain such detailed queries.

Stick to a few very basic or highly important questions and other than that provide them with a hassle free payment gateway. It will again be prudent of you to provide multiple payment options. Pay-pal is really popular with the online buyers and then there are credit and debit cards etc. Buyers find it more trustworthy to pay from credit cards, because they are more safe in case of frauds. 

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4. Multiple Currency Options 

It is a given that your aspiration behind getting an ecommerce store is not to remain local but reach out to the world. Thus along with making your website search engine optimized and cross browser compatible, you should also provide the online users with multiple currency options so that they need not perform all the mathematical functions and just comfortable carry on with the transactions in their own familiar currency.

And again, Magento website development may be the solution that you are looking for, because it supports multiple currency and various languages as well.


Lastly, make your online store secure for the buyers to share the critical information like credit card numbers. A secured eCommerce website is represented with an additional “s” in the “http” of the URL and that is how major online users get to know your store is safe. If it is not protected, you have no right to expect good quality business.

Wrapping Up:

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