What is iBeacon? What are its Business Advantages?

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Have you ever wished that as soon as you step into a café, all the alerts and offers get automatically displayed on your mobile screen? Have you ever yearned for a technology that could help you draw an analysis on all of the people who storm in your shop? If yes, then it is the time for you to rejoice as Apple’s iBeacon is an innovation that could help in fulfilling all these desires.

What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is Apple’s technology standard that is all set to create a revolution in the business world. This technology helps an Android or iOS application to detect the presence of an iOS device, as soon as it comes in a considerable distance from the iBeacon. It is based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Technology. It requires two simple things, a broadcaster (Bluetooth based iBeacon device) and a receiver (iOS device with the app). The broadcaster broadcasts signals, and as soon as the receiver comes in its proximity, it receives those signals and responds accordingly.

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This example is enough to elucidate the technological advancement of iBeacon. Just imagine that you are walking in the market with an iPhone 6 in your hand. You are extremely hungry and are looking for a food outlet. Suddenly, the Burger King’s app in your phone starts giving an alert and provides you with a navigation map of the Burger King even from a distance of 50 meters (which happens to be its beacon zone). You are elated, and you follow the directions and go inside Burger King. As soon as you enter, the beacon of Burger King detects your presence through the app on you iPhone and the door automatically opens the door for you. When you go to the counter, the app through the Burger King beacon gives you suggestions and recommendations and tells you about all the ongoing offers and promotional codes. Finally after placing the order you could even make payments without doing a thing.

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Advantages of iBeacon :

As a business firm, you might ask about the various advantages of employing iBeacon. So here are some of the most exceptional and path breaking advantages offered by this technology:

  •  Tracking

As a business firm, your main target is to know about the satisfaction level of your customer. The iBeacon technology precisely works for the same. Through iBeacon, you could analyze the various statistics related to the customer without any extra effort. As soon as a customer walks into your store, you could meet up to his demands without even deploying any employee for him. You could keep a track at your employees and monitor that employee came when, or at what time of the day does your store get the maximum footfalls.

  •  Automation

One of the most important advantages of iBeacon is automation. As soon as people having your mobile app in their smartphones enter your store, the doors would be automatically opened for them through iBeacon. You could also use this technology as an advertising medium. For example, as soon as the person crosses a particular check point, he could be greeted about all the recent products in your store.

  •  Cost effectiveness

Unlike NFC, iBeacon could prove to be very cost efficient. The range of NFC is only up to 0.20 meters while that for iBeacon is up to 50 meters. So you could imagine the cost that you would have to incur if you set up NFCs in your office rather than iBeacons. Also, the hardware of Beacon is considerably cheaper and could be installed anywhere at a considerably low cost.

  •  Micro location

Though GPS offers the best navigation and tracking but it is observed that GPS does not prove to be beneficial inside any building. But with iBeacon’s micro location geofencing, you could conveniently set up navigation even inside your office premises.

How to integrate iBeacon in business?

Though even now, iBeacons are scarcely available but still, you could expect to get it in the coming months. You just need simple iBeacon hardware, and it could ceaselessly attach to the wall or on any counter with a battery enabled Bluetooth connection. You must have an Android or iOS app and your potential customer too might own an iOS device with your app installed. As soon as the person would be in the range of your iBeacon, all the desired functionalities would be made available.

How as PixelCrayons can we help with iBeacon?

At PixelCrayons, we are consistently working towards incorporating and harnessing new technologies and, therefore, offer all kind of support for iBeacon. If you wish to encompass this revolutionary technology in your business, then we would be more than delighted to assist you by developing the iBeacon enabled apps for your business model. So, if you want to take a step closer to innovation through iBeacon, then you could unhesitatingly drop us a line.

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