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What is the right time to get the renovation of the house done? Hmm…may be only the residents of the place can answer this question more exquisitely than those who are living nearby or who cross the house everyday and stare at it from the outside.

The same way the right time to get the car maintenance done can be told by the driver himself or in some case the mechanic who deals with the tantrums of the car periodically.

Now, when we talk about the redesign of the website, it is its visitors who probably can give you the best advice whether to redesign it or not. The answer may give you different suggestions like whether you need to change only the fonts, images, color combinations or the entire web design.

This is the reason why certain websites give the polling option or the voting options for its users and asks them whether they should change the whole design or only the selected portions. This works in two ways. First, the user feels valuable and gets little more close to the company. Second, the visitor’s feedback gives company many new ideas and a hint of what visitors want to see in the website.

Sometimes many companies redesign their website without intimating their users/visitors. This results in the visitors’ erosion, as when they land up to the newly designed website, they don’t find anything familiar and they take the exit door. At least before going for a makeover the company must either inform the visitors or they should leave some cues for them so they can make out that they have landed at the right place.

But yes, if your website is a decade old then you must get it redesigned without wasting time. These days all the websites are getting converted according to WEB 2.0 standards. So practicing these standards is a must without thinking about anything else.

3 thoughts on “When to Redesign?

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  2. What you think if some one has its website since early 90’s , should he get it changed and if yes how fast?

    hehe.. :-p

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