Whoops!!! Some one did it again

How can somebody do this? Stealing a whole website design! It’s not only about stealing a web site but a lot more than that. It is offending somebody’s idea, killing his creative instinct and invading into his imaginary world.

And this offensive act has been done again with XHTML.PixelCrayons.com website design. When we found that the web design of XHTML.PixelCrayons.com was completely stolen by tidycars.net. We were upset but not tensed (as it is not our first time to deal with these kind of crooks) because of the whole process of mailing and wasting our resources on it.

On probing into the matter a little, every one started giggling and laughing, instead of showing anger, even the designers who had put their labor behind the design. The reason was unbelievably moronic. The dolt hasn’t even changed the page descriptions and used it as it is. The whole structure was copied and pasted – a shameless and unethical act. This is the least I can say and sorry for ranting.

An open violation of copyright infringement laws calls for the strict action against the guilty. This may force a ban on tidycars.net or a tight compensatory slap in their treasury.

There are many other ways of complimenting somebody’s creativity. But stealing it and posing it own your own is surely immoral. As someone has very correctly said, “Only great work deserves imitation”.

9 thoughts on “Whoops!!! Some one did it again”

  1. @ Nates

    Thanks to look at our effort Nate. I hope they must be changing their web appearance but not very sure as they still have same home page.

    Neverthless lets hope for the positive outcome.

    Thanks for participating in our blog.

  2. Thanks Rich,

    You are right this can’t effect our quality business but as it is our own website we all are very deeply connected with it. Not only the designers team but every member who is a part of it in one way or the other.

    It really hurts when somebody steal your hard work. A designer’s biggest achievement is not his design but the appreciation and applauds he gets for his works.

    Though we have taken this in a very positive manner. This is another proof other than clients testimonials and comments that how good we are at our work.

    We are taking certain actions and will see some positive signs, soon.

    Any way, once again I would like to thank you for giving your time to our blog and supporting us. I hope you would have read other blogs too.

    Keep in touch & spread a word

  3. too funny. Don’t be too offended. This will never effect your quality business. A teacher is never offended by a pupils lack of understanding. Your value is not in a webpage.. rather your ability to create the design and the page is where your value exists. That cannot be stolen. Sounds corny.. but true.

    I would guess that someone has sold tidy cars a website… Your website. Contact tidycars and let them know that they have been scammed. I’m sure they will have something to say to the people responsible.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    No one can steal you

  4. @ Jrettie

    You are right Jrettie. This thing actually tells about their attitude towards their work and also their ethical and moral values. Well I pity their customers.

    Thanks, you gave your time to our blog.
    Spread a word.

  5. wow!!

    mirror image!

    tidycars look good into stealing thing, i guess this car on their homepage must be stolen too. haha…

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