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Developing a mobile app can turn out to be an expensive and long process. With the advent of new technology Xamarin, cross-platform mobile development has become quite easy and prompt. In this blog post, I’ll explain some benefits of Xamarin app development services as a cross-platform development tool.

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  • Advantages of Xamarin as Cross-Platform Development Tool

  1. Xamarin helps in building mobile apps faster

You have written most of the codes only once and can share it on Android, iOS, and Windows. In this way, you can also decrease your mobile app’s time-to-market. By cutting down on cross-platforms code duplication, you will have more time for adding functionality to your mobile app.

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  1. Xamarin helps in delivering a native platform experience

Xamarin is fully integrated with the SDK of each platform. This allows developers to use the common API to access native controls that provide an authentic native experience.

Xamarin compiles app code into native binaries instead of interpreting it on the fly, so you will not have to worry about your mobile app taking a performance hit.

  1. With Xamarin you can write shareable C# code

Despite having to code platform-specific app solutions in Java, Objective-C or Swift, Xamarin allows developers to write C# code that runs on all three platforms.

This latest, object-oriented language uses a simplified but powerful syntax that supports strong types, type inferencing, asynchronous programming, and lambdas.

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  1. Xamarin helps in developing code using a full-featured IDE

The Xamarin development environment includes Xamarin Studio, which is a fully-developed IDE (Interactive Development Environment). It increases the productivity of developer with features such as code completion, a powerful debugger that works with either an emulator or hardware devices, support for easy app publishing and an interactive UI builder.

For developers who prefer the Visual Studio IDE, Xamarin provides a VS plugin that adds many of these capabilities while allowing developers to leverage existing VS development skills.

  1. With Xamarin you can easily avoid bugs; therefore, increase software quality

Probably the greatest benefit for users of apps developed with Xamarin is an increase in software quality due to code reuse. It stands to reason that the chances of introducing platform-specific errors can be dramatically decreased when app code is written once and shared on different mobile platforms.

The chances of introducing bugs are also reduced because developers work with one programming language and one API. When developers spend less time fixing bugs, they have more time for adding functionality and polishing the user experience.

Wrapping Up:

These are some business benefits of Xamarin mobile app development. If you need any further assistance, please contact PixelCrayons: a leading Xamarin development company in India.

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