WordPress for Android 2.9 Released – Many New Features Introduced

It’s time to celebrate for the Android app users of WordPress. WordPress announced the release of Android 2.9 which is now available to install in the Google Play Store. The new version brings in many exciting new features which includes bug fixes and enhancement that will allow you to follow and post blogs using your smart-phones and tablets. This new app also allows you to check stats and browse through the best posts on the platform. Let us walk you through the new exciting features of WordPress for Android 2.9.


Blog Discovery

Blog Discovery which is one of the new features in the Reader helps you find new blogs based on recommendations. You can easily access this by clicking on the tag icon on the top right corner of the Reader. You can preview a blog and read posts before following it. The Reader has also been updated and allows you to manage tags and subscriptions within the app itself. The re-blogging interface also gets a complete overhaul making it attractive and user-friendly.


New Publish Icon Button

One of the major improvements in the 2.9 release is with the Publish Icon Button. It has been replaced with a contextual text button. This was one of the major issues with the earlier versions. In the past users were unsure whether they were saving a draft, publishing or scheduling a post or updating an existing post. There was no clear indication on the screen but with this new release the Publish Icon Button would display all your actions depending on the current task.

An Improved User Interface

  • The user interface has undergone many changes in this new release making it faster and responsive. Some of these changes include
  • Refresh button has been reintroduced for all refreshable views. Android’s native pull-to-refresh gesture is being used. The pull-to-refresh tip bar is replaced by less aggressive, self-hiding message.
  • All posts are auto-saved as soon as you close the ‘edit post’ view. The confusing save dialog box has been done away with.
  • The re-blogging interface redesign in the Reader has undergone changes and displays a complete new design.
  • The WordPress for Android app remembers your previous choice while sharing image, video, or text.


Other Improvements

  • Hebrew and Basque are the latest additions
  • The new version has also introduced SNI (Server Name Indication) support.
  • The notifications have undergone improvements for faster syncing. It now uses Simperium technology that fills gaps in time between two syncs.


The new release is a great improvement from its predecessor and you would have to have an Android device that runs on Android 4.0 or higher.  With this new release support for Android 2.3 Gingerbread has been stopped.

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